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those kits again


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I've been using a tutorial to make a new kit, but WeiDu's telling me there's a parsing error around the line with the word SAY. I have just reinstalled BG, no ToB for now, so I didn't include the lines that show in the tutorial like so:



 ~CHAN09 * HELM07 BAG20 RING06 RING31 * BOOT01 AMUL19 BRAC16 BELT06 AROW11,40 BULL03,40 BOLT06,40 POTN52,5 POTN4,2 POTN14,5 HAM07 SW1H27 STAF08~




And, is there a tutorial about adding special abilities to kits, and determining the number of skill points they get and stuff?

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Have you looked at Cam's kit creation tutorial?

Yup, I think that was the one, but I've done something wrong, or something...

Wait, what should your kit's 2da file contain? I realize I've made no such file...?

Here's what I have in my tp2, but I get the feeling it's not enough.


ADD_KIT ~Z_NoAsasi~
~Z_NoAsasi				   1		   1		   0		   1		   1		   0		   0		   0~
~Z_NoAsasi 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 2 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 1 1 2 1 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0~
~Z_NoAsasi				9	   9	   0	   9	   0	   0~
~Z_NoAsasi				0	   0	   0	   0	   0	   0~
~Z_NoAsasi				0	   17	   0	   0	   0	   0~
~Z_NoAsasi				0	   15	   0	   0	   0	   0~
~Z_NoAsasi				0	   0	   0	   1	   1	   1	   1	   1	   1~
~Z_NoAsasi				1	   0	   1	   0	   0	   1~
~K_T_H	K_T_D   K_T_G   K_T_E   K_T_HE   K_T_HL   K_T_HO~
~0x00040000  4~ //taken from assassin kit
SAY ~Noble Assassin~
SAY ~Noble Assassin~
SAY ~NOBLE ASSASSIN: Sons and daughters of blah blah... Noble Assassins blah blah revenge blah...~

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no ToB for now, so I didn't include the lines that show in the tutorial like so:


Include those lines anyway - WeiDu will do nothing with them in a SoA only game, but it still expects them to be there.


Thief skill points are controlled by unusability flags, mostly. Proficiency points are determined by the kit's parent class.


Definately check out the tutorial though :)

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Best thing to do would be to open up an existing kit's clab file (I believe assassins are clabth02.2da) and see how it's structured - a blank one won't help you much. Feel free to copy it wholesale for now and adjust the abilities later :)


The columns indicate the level at which an ability is gained; AP_SPELL indicates that SPELL is APplied to the character (like the assassin's damage bonus) and GA_SPELL indicates that SPELL is GAined as an innate ability.




By the way:


Z_NoAsasi.2da is nine characters long - filenames in the Infinity Engine must be eight characters or fewer :)

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Thanx. One more question, though. Is there a way to disable him (the kit) from increasing a certain skill? (I don't intend on making the allpowerful thief kit after all.) I'd like to make him unable to set traps. I can erase it from the 2da kit file, but how do I stop people from increasing the skill?

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There's not any reasonable way to stop people from spending points in set traps, no.


Thieves, however, only get traps to set because they have GA_SPCL412 every few levels in their clabth...2da files. Remove or replace these lines, and your kit will never have traps to set (and you can add a mention of this in your kit description). Someone who stubbornly puts points into this skill will have wasted them, unfortunately.

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