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IWD2 CRE info


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Here are a few more bits I figured out (forgive me if these are already known):


The byte at offset 0x25a determines experience for killing the creature. I've only determined a few values, I don't see any obvious functional relationship between the values and the corresponding experience so I wonder if it comes from a lookup table:

0x01 37

0x02 75

0x03 150

0x04 300

0x05 450

0x06 675


IWD1 creatures have 3 possible script name variables and IWD2 creatures have 2, however you can specify 3 variables in an IWD2 CRE by concatenating two of them with a ":" and storing them in the second script name variable slot. That is, if the second script name variable in an IWD2 CRE is set to "foo:bar" then the globals "FOO_DEAD" and "BAR_DEAD" will both be incremented when the creature dies. If the second script name variable is set to "foo:bar:blah", then "FOO_DEAD" and "BAR:BLAH_DEAD" will both be incremented (i.e. this doesn't extend beyond one additional death/script name variable).

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Hmm, challenge rating?

It comes from moncrate.2da

Hey, you're absolutely right, thanks! I was looking through the 2DA's for something like this but didn't find it.


The only field that seems to be used in IWD2 but I can't figure out is the one at offset 0x050 which appears to scale with CRE level. It also scales with player characters. I thought maybe it was CR, but it doesn't seem to be.


I forgot to say: thanks, for finding this :)


I'm glad I could help! :)

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Offset 0x50 is the old thac0 field. I guess it is the Base Attack Bonus (BAB) in 3rd ed.

I think you might be right, though I tried changing it to various values on my PC's embedded GAM CRE and checking the character sheet. Maybe BAB for the character sheet is only calculated once? I also looked at their attack rolls.


It could be one of those things where they thought they would use it but ended up calculating BAB on-the-fly (that doesn't make much sense...). I'll try tinkering with it a bit more.

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It is possible the game recalculates this field for PC's.

Maybe try to edit it in a game, save game (do at least one attack, maybe).

Then check it out again.

Yes, this is what I thought I tried. I had my paladin killing off other party members after changing the value in the GAM file (LOL). I suspect I was misinterpreting the attack rolls. I'll try it again now that I know what to look for.


I noticed that the XP value given in the moncrate.2da is cut in half for some reason. Maybe the scales with game difficulty level?

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Okay, I did try again with my save game, I tried a bunch of different values at 0x050, but his attack bonus was always the same. I suspect that for PC's the value is ignored and the game calculates it based on level and various other things (temporary attribute bonuses? But then what happens if a non-pc casts bull's strength on a minion?)

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