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BG2 ToB error with importing characters


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the error occurs when you try to import a character made in unmodded BG2 it imports the as soon as you press the appearence button the game freezes

Here's what the dos command line window shows up as the error

[GUIScript]: Type Error: RowIndex/RowString and ColIndex/ColString must be the s

ame type

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:/gemrb/GUIScripts/tob\GUICG13.py", line 91, in OnLoad


File "C:/gemrb/GUIScripts/tob\GUICG13.py", line 31, in RefreshPDoll

AnimID = AnimID+GemRB.GetTableValue(table, Class, 0)

SystemError: error return without exception set

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