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Magic Resistance issue

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I have just obtained Carsomyr with my PC and was wearing Ring of Gaxx already. What I noticed after equipping Carsomyr was that my Magic Resistance went from 10% to 50% instead of 60%.

However, when I had Carsomyr equipped and then re-equip Ring of Gaxx, the sheet will show that I have 60% Magic Resistance. If I then re-equip Carsomyr, it goes down to 50% again.


Would it be possible for the Tweak pack to add a scripting solution whereby only one of those values will be chosen regardless of equipment order instead of it being fairly random?

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Old version Carsomyr probably set magic resistance to 50% instead of increasing it by 50%

Except that all versions of Carsomyr (except for perhaps modded ones, I guess) actually set the MR and do not add to it.

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