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Amber abduction


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Hello Meira and Davios.


After finally deciding to register (I simply dislike all this email activation etc) instead of continuing to report bugs as a guest, I have also a suggestion to make on the Amber mod:


Would it be feasible to have Amber abducted by Bodhi when RomanceActive is 2 and AmberMatch 3 if Player1 is not romantically involved?

In my current game where this is the case (or actually not the case but Imoen does not have a Bodhi abduction sequence) it would have been nice to take some kind of hit when assaulting her lair instead of having your entire party available.

Afterall, why shouldn't Bodhi try to hurt Player2 if she cannot hurt Player1 directly?


Of course the problem I see with implementing this approach would be the requirement to know all other romances available and whether they include such an abduction or not. Other than that, it shouldn't be a problem though, as far as I can tell currently - and you could even make this an optional component.


Thanks for listening (or rather reading) in any case.

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I don't think that it's justified the have Bodhi abduct Amber if she's with player2, even if the Protagonist isn't involved with anybody. Amber is not the main character after all, she's not terribly important to Bodhi unless Bodhi can use her to hurt the Protagonist.


I'd rather add an entirely new mini-quest just for the player2 romance to make up the fact that there is no Bodhi abduction.


I originally planned to have the Player2 to be abducted by Bodhi if Amber is romancing him. The mod assumes that Player2 is the Progonist's loyal friend/follower/sidekick (even though the reason why he's loyal is left vague), so it would have been reasonable for Bodhi to take him. That would have really added a special flavour to the Player2 romance. Unfortunately it provided to be too difficult to do, as there is no reliable way to keep track of the PC characters once they're out of the party.

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As you say it, Player2 is the loyal companion of Player1 and if he is romantically involved with Amber and she is being abducted, would Player1 not want to help Player2 to show mutual respect/care?


Besides Player1 needing to go after Bodhi anyway to continue the plot or regain Imoen's soul.

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