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I am *considering* to give PC an option to kill his/her father (or possibly more of his/her family) as an epilogue in one or both of the evil romances. How likely are you to RP this option? Any objections to the idea on the 'I won't evar dl the mod that has *anything* like that!' grounds?

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It probably wouldn't faze my character much. Miloch wants to kill his own father anyway, and any others of his band he can get his hands on. He doesn't care much for orcs. There's nothing really evil about it in Miloch's view, since his father is guilty of heinous crimes. Just don't make it part of a "romance-for-females-only" component like everything else being coded lately. :)

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It'll definetly not be the 'if you romance that guy you'll kill your father'. I'm thinking about a relatively obvious reply in the epilogue talks with the NPCs that will then result in that outcome


I think it's fine, then. It would fit in with some character types, especially if it's a choice.

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Just don't make it part of a "romance-for-females-only" component like everything else being coded lately.


Er? I've done all the Prologue and started Ch1 for bonus NPCs. And even had one male romance specific interjection added. :)

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I usually play True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral characters so while it's unlikely that I'll go for it in the case of the former, it's possible in the case of the latter.


However as a general principle, I say go for it. Options that allow players to role-play darker or evil character seem to be getting more and more popular.

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For me, the question is not good and evil, but, rather, "What for?"


Will PC have sufficient motivation for killing her father? Especially since IWD2 is not as specific as BG2 about PC's background.


I mean, will it be a reason all PCs could use, like the romantic option saying "You are a half-elf, PC. A mongrel. And a beast responsible for it is your father, who made your mother succumb to his will and yield to one of the non-People. A disgusting feat. He should pay, my dear, don't you think?"


Or will it come up as a part of pre-written PC background, i.e. the pre-written biography telling the PC that she had an abusive father, for instance?


I totally accept the first option, but I am not sure it will work for me if the option to kill my father just comes out of the blue, or my father is pre-written as an evil bastard/a general loser.

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Your father is a part of a pre-written background. The background establishes PC's family in Luskan, but not what you feel about them etc, this a player can express via the conversations throughout the module. Same as in BG2, maybe even less so, because there is no Imoens or Sarevoks. Nord is your father's former friend, and can tell you a bit about him, if you chose to have him along or question him. I tried to go as inobtrusive as I could, but I needed a PC that was not a blank slate background wise. I polled people on two boards and picked the one which was the most popular with people.


Your romantic choice and your inheritance are the motivation for the murders.

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