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Help. Mac User lost in limbo


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So I tried following the instuctions on how to install mods but everytime i click on the Install Command I get this "The .command file ‘/BGII - SoA/Setup-NPCKit.command’ could not open. Most likely it is not executable." Also I'm new to macs and I don't even know how to install the official patch. It says its a .sit file, I try to click on it it does nothing. I'd love any help I could get. :):(:D:D:)


P.S. if it helps I'm running BGII + ToB on a macbook duo with OSX10.1.4. I think.

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What application are you (attempting) to expand these files with? If you aren't already using it, try StuffIt Expander (drag and drop the files onto the app after you've installed it).




OK So I just dwnlded stuffit was using rar for osx but that doesn;t seem to solve the problem. Now the terminal comes up but that's it. No message nothing. AAAAHHHHHHH

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