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Restrictions question


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Champions of Torm are mighty warriors who dedicate themselves to Torm's cause, defending holy ground, destroying enemies of the church, and slaying mythical beast



- An extra lay on hands per day every 4 levels

- +3 to hit/damage for 30 seconds once per day

- +3 to all saving throws



- May not use ranged weapons


Energist dedicate themselves to the study of spiritual energy, how it flows through our bodies, and how to manipulate it. They are very competitive, always testing to see just how far the can push their bodies and minds.



- Able to use Innate "Techniques"



- May not wear armor

- May not Duel Class

- Does not gain High Level Abilities

- Weapons Resrticted to that of a thief's

- Only 3 proficiency slots may be chosen



for the energist i am using this:

~0x10000000 2~


it is the restriction for the shapeshifter, i want them to not have armor but be able to wear bracers

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Unfortunately, there are limits to what can be done with usability flags, as we can only use the existing ones. Shapeshifter is no armour, to be thief weapons only the best bet is to make a thief kit.

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You probably should have asked him, first. :)


In any case, there's not much point releasing his kit as a new one, since it's already available too. If you made it different in some ways, so it was more your own work, that might be better. :)

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