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One question about monks


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Hi! I just wanted first to congratulate you on your great project. I will surely play it! IWD2 always seemed incomplete for me and your mod will make it a full great game for sure. I have always loved your writting, I still feel a great loss inside me if I rememeber the Dynaheir romance.


To my question: I always loved monks on BG2, I liked their animations and I was very disappointed when I saw that in IWD2 their avatars and their fighting animations were those of a standard fighter without any weapon. They didn't kick their foes and the fist animation was that of a fighter. My question is that if the fix needed to see the correct kick animation (which can be easily resolved with Near Infinity and renaming some files) will be implemented in your mod (as you created a Monk Npc) or not?


Sorry if this was asked before, or even if it is already implemented in a Tweak pack or something.


Nothing more, thanks for putting so much effort in this game.



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Heya, I have not looked into it, but it should be relatively easy to put together as a stand-alone mod. It might be better, because I have soundsets for 10 characters and it makes the mod bigger than I want it to be for dl size. And heh, believe it or not, I don't have BG2 isntalled atm, so I don't have the source to quickly check it out :)

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As an aside: do we know if Moinesse's Avatars works on IWD2? I'm especially fond of the elven female mage, female human fighter in plate mail, and human female thief avatars.


It might be said that I like long hair, and would cheerfully put it on every female in the game.

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I was meaning to try it. I am thinking it should, unless the developpers really went "We're not with BioWARE any more!" and renamed the gazzilion of the animatoion files. Seeing they still have BG1 char's soundsets in the game, I don't think it's the case.... LOL!

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I am pleased to report that Moinesse's Avatars *does* work on IWD2.


That's the good news.


The bad news is that the installation requires editing the tp2.


There is an item check that involves copying SW1h01.itm to the override under a different name for each component for an installation check. SW1h01.itm does not exist in IWD2.


So, without knowing anything about the inner workings of the mod, I figured I should copy something into the override under a different name for each component instead of SW1h01, so I did a bulk find and replace: 00gem26.itm for sw1h01.itm.


It worked perfectly. Except that IWD2 uses avatars as paperdolls, so I do not expect the male half-orc paperdoll to have any effect in-game. But there my elven female mage is, looking all lovely and long-haired.


Point is, you're going to have to edit the tp2. If individual users are not comfortable doing that, the mod will not be able to be installed as is.

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Darn it, I just realized how I could make it even more useful: autodetect BG2 vs IWD2, based on the presence of sw1h01.itm or 00gem26.itm and then it would only need one version that would work on either game.


I'll fix it up to do that, and put *that* up on the website when it's done.




The link above now points to a tp2 that will autodetect a BG2 or an IWD2 installation and copy the correct item.


In other words, now it will work on either.

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Autodetecting IWD2 vs BG2?


The following excerpt is from the WeiDu documentation:


"If SUBRACE.IDS is present in CHITIN.KEY, the scripting style is autodetected as IWD2. Otherwise, if FACTION.IDS is present, the scripting style is autodetected as PST. Otherwise the scripting style is set to BG. The –script-style command-line argument and the SCRIPT_STYLE TP2 flag both override this default."


(Note BG, BG2 and IWD all use the same "default" style)


I'm far from begin an expert with WeiDu, but can you not search for the correct string in the CHITIN.KEY?

If so, this is a possible automatic check you can use.


On the other hand, if WeiDu uses this method, it would be nice to see a facility in the tp2 code that allows a check on the "script-style" value.


These ideas all assume you haven't changed the value in your own tp2 code though!

Well, it was just a thought... ;)

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Might work, but it's a bit over my head. I'm just a beginner when it comes to modding, so I tend to stay away from anything complicated.


This needed something small to copy into the override as a marker anyway, so if it was something unique to IWD2, that could serve both purposes: detection and detection file. 00gem26.itm fit the bill.


Worked well enough.

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