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Tweaks v4 and Tutu


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Request for update of

The Romance Cheats are showing up as installable on Tutu, which I thought was unneeded:


copied on D:\BaldursGateTutu\BG2_Tweaks\Setup-BG2_Tweaks.tp2, lines

8716, 8732, 8748, 8765...


but perhaps there is something wrong with my install. I can't find the .tpa files: lo LIB directory present.

INCLUDE ~BG2_Tweaks/lib/tob2soa.tpa~

INCLUDE ~BG2_Tweaks/lib/romance1.tpa~
INCLUDE ~BG2_Tweaks/lib/romance2.tpa~

I assume the .tpa file is the new .tph, and we should all update too?


The library is there in the distributable - and it confirms that there is no overlap with Tutu, so all of these can be escaped. Did you do something fancy to stop the lib file from extracting on a Tutu install? I will see if I can replicate it and be back to report...


The MultiPlayer Kick Out Dialogue


the component name

in D:\BaldursGateTutu\BG2_Tweaks\languages\english\SETUP.tra, line 93

 @107000 = ~Improved Kick-out Dialogues~

still needs the one-word update

 @107000 = ~Improved Multi-Player Kick-out Dialogues~

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Also someone reports the Korgan component shows up in Tutu and should be skipped - see this post on PPG.


User noticed oddness with saving throws and THAC0s when leveling NPCs. Most of the mods are G3 so someone might want to look into it. I tried reproducing with the THAC0 component only but didn't notice anything odd.


I was thinking though... the new THAC0 table I introduced goes up to -10 at high levels. Not usually relevant for Tutu, but if that is not a signed byte designed to hold such values, will it cause any issues? The IESDP says the valid values are 0-25 so maybe there was a reason for the cutoff (even though 2e PnP allows up to -10).


[P.S.: Is it just me or is the forum still freaking slow or what?]

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