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Spotted a typo


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Hey, BG1 NPC project still makes BG1 come alive, and I love your mod. I'm sure I'm not the first person to offer congratulations, but I'm sure you'll like that I take the time to add my good words on top of everyone else's :)


Just thought I'd signal a typo. It's nothing really bad, as you can see. There is an interaction between Minsc and Xan, where Minsc asks Xan if he trusts him, and takes his hand to put Boo into it. Actually, there are two typos in that banter.


1- Xan says: "...but you should know you behavior..." Isn't it supposed to be "your behavior"?


2-A little later, Minsc says: "...your powers seem to have been to much for..." That would be "been too much for"?


That's it! Hope this helps...

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Of course I play Xan! I really like him a lot, btw, because if I remember correctly, you're Xan's author, right? I really like him; he makes me laugh with his doom-this, doom-that, lol. He's also surprisingly sweet when he comes out of it, usually no more than a few seconds, to suddenly carry you back to your bedroll or something of the kind. It's realy nice, the balance between the doom and the golden-heart moments.

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