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Questions about The Patch

Guest Markus

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Heya! Nice mod you got there, although I've just played it for a second. Gee, now I have two clerics of Lathander in my party. Lots of healing and righteousness. :)


The questions? Here they come. To repair Gavin's quest, can I use the patch if I have other NPC mods? Or shall something buggy happen?

Also, what happens to the Ajantis dialog problem when I istall the patch (mainly to fix the quest) and have other NPC mods? Do I have to fix that problem manually, or do bugs arise?


:) for your work!

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Having both of them join is probably not going to work out the way you want it to.


Whether the hotfix will work or not depends on installation order. Better to just wait until tonight.


I'm going to put up a new version that has the fixes in place. I'd hoped to hold off a little while, but I can't.


So, fixed version will be up in a little while.

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I'm playing for friendship, my character is male. Much of the mod's appeal must come from the romance, but I don't mind having just a cool NPC in my party. Friendship talks will propably be interesting also. As a Lathander-worshipper he propably has a bit more depth than Kelddath Ormlyr. ;)

NPC-to-player talks are some the best features of the game, be they romance or something else. At least in my experience few of the NPCs have regular chats with the player, only Mur'Neth and Kivan come to my mind, from the ones I have used. And of course the romances have a lot of talks.

But anyway Gavin, with his friendtalks, adds the best kind of content to the game! I've had a whole one with him... And I have to say that even crappy NPC-PC talks add a lot of depth to the game. When they are good like Gavin's though, well, they add even more depth! :D

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Thanks. I prefer NPCs that have at least some friendship material, too.


I wish I didn't have to go to work today. I'd love to just be able to put in the new back-up scripts and give it a quick test before unleashing it, but no such luck. I'll still do that, but it will have to wait until this evening.

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