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Can't get LT 5 and I've camped outside in daylight

Guest Flarn

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I have played through most of the BG landmap before entering Baldur's Gate and I've just done the bandit camp. I have been playing for hours and I still haven't managed to land Gavin's next lovetalk. No matter how much I've camped outside in daylight it just won't launch. All Gavin will do is flirt with me on occasion.


The only other character I am romancing is Xan, which I tried ending, and Gavin still won't bite. I am playing a Neutral Good half-elf pc with decent char and wis, not an assassin, and our party reputation is 20. What more does Gav want? Jam on it?


I just want to know the rest of what Gavin has to say. It's like having an awesome book with all but the first four chapters crazy glued together. :)



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I can't imagine why you are having this problem. The saved game you sent to me did not have this problem. When I tested it out, I went to the area just north of Nashkel, camped out, and got the talk immediately.


Did you try advancing the real timer? You can do it by typing in




If that doesn't work, you can jump straight to the talk by typing in




After that, just initiate PID with him in a wilderness area, and you'll get the next lovetalk, no matter what time of day it is, buy you'll rest afterward.


Maybe you're just going to have to get past this point and it will revert to regular behavior.


If that doesn't work, maybe another saved game?


Edit: Excuse me. I thought this was another person who had some trouble with LT 5.

It might be necessary to send me a saved game, because there are a number of things that could pause the relationship, and these need to be ruled out. If you tell him you'd like some solitude, it will put the relationship on hold indefinitely. This was done to allow the player to better manage concurrent relationships and give some of the later acquisitions time to catch up. If you ever told him that you needed solitude, there should be a PID menu option that says you're feeling better and that you don't need so much space any more.


If you need instructions on sending a saved game, please let me know.

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The relationship isn't on hold. I did pause it at one point, but only very briefly, and I remembered to unpause it again.


Also, I followed your instructions above and I got the LT 5 right away, and then, in due course, the subsequent ones, but then when it got to LT 9, which is supposed to take place at rest in an inn, the same thing happened, and the LT would not trigger, no matter how many times I advanced the timer and rested, so yes, there must be something going on. The content of the mod is great though, at least what I have read so far.


So, yes, please let me know how to send you a save game. Your input is very much appreciated. ;)

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I think I know what the problem is.


The problem is that I'm stupid. ;)


I gave the PC the ability to tell Gavin to shut up already, without penalty, at all different levels of the relationship, but I didn't give him the ability to go back in time.


I actually found this mistake this afternoon while recoding the romance portion to take advantage of a new scripting style Kulyok discovered.


In other words, when you told Gavin that you needed more solitude, you were still very early in the relationship. This set a global called B!GavinQuietFriend at 1. Telling him that it was OK to talk again once the relationship had progressed a little further was all right, because that set B!GavinQuietLover back to 0, so you got the normal daytime lovetalks. But I had some legacy code in place for the resting talks.


There is good news!


All you have to do is type the following into the console and you will now have no problems with friendship or romance:




That will enable the rest of the LTs to go as planned. You can ask him for solitude as his romantic interest now without fear, as he is past the point where I forgot how to code.


Sorry about that. It's fixed for v 1.1.

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