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Spell Effect by Alignment


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Does anybody know if this is possible:


I want a spell that applies an effect based on alignment, so whoever casts the spell will receive an effect unique to their alignment.


Is this possible?


I had thought about doing it via dialog...but I don't want to go there just yet. Spells that bring up dialog break immersion IMO.


Would it be possible to use OpCode 177 (Use Eff file) to target self. Creating 9 separate Effects (1 for each alignment) so only the one that is valid would be called?


Should I just try this and not be asking? ;)

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I'm having a problem with this.


What I am trying to do is make a spell where the Caster can choose from 3 different spells (a la the Spell Immunity choice) but only gets a certain 3 spells based on their Alignment.


So the spell initially Cast has an Effect using Opcode 177 which specifies to Use Eff001 (for example) for LG characters (the pc is an LG mage). Eff001 uses opcode 214 (Select Spell) to call Eff001LG.2da.


Eff001LG.2da has 3 lines calling 3 different spells, all of which exist.


All Eff and spls target Self except the 3 in the 2da.


Problem: all that happens is that the Caster casts his initial spell and I get nothing. Just the graphic associated with the spell school. No Select Spell options appear.

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Does it work if you call it directly from the spell? I wouldn't be surprised if the 2DA call only worked from the spell itself (it's not exactly a general-purpose effect).


You may be able to have the EFF cast another spell which then does the 2DA call, but even that may not satisfy the engine's cast-by-PC check.

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Yes, I created a spell that used EFF 214 directly (as per Spell Immunity) and i got the selection my 2da specifies.


I'll try your suggestion and call a spell from the Eff...I was just hoping to avoid casting a spell that calls an Eff that calls a spell that has an Eff! ;)


Fingers Crossed on the Cast by PC check.

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