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Compatibility with BGT ?


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It does work alright with BGT, just the only issue i seen is Imoen isnt getting her Adventurer Kit installed on her in the BG1 part of the game and Anomen becoming a berserker when he fails and doesnt get a symbol mods have errors when installing regardless what anyone uses. This still needs to be fixed. Works fine for every other NPC but just wont work for Imoen and Anomen. im sure they have looked into that for the next version. Currently this was oversighted when TuTu had this issue but was never thought to have affected BGT as well. V3 needs this fix for BGT.

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As of v3 Imoen still isn't getting the adventurer kit properly in a BGT install, due to the tp2 file appending the wrong script for Imoen (should be BGImoen.bcs iirc, rather than whatever the tp2 currently has). I'm assuming v4 hasn't addressed this since it's not in the readme's version history.



Just confirmed, this is still not fixed... kind of hilarious that I've had to fix this manually for every installation over the past few years.


Appending line 541 from


ACTION_FOR_EACH script IN _imoen bgimoen2 BEGIN




ACTION_FOR_EACH script IN _imoen bgimoen bgimoen2 BEGIN


did the trick.

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