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Brief delay in 1.1


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I'd hoped to get the new rescripted version out today, but it will have to wait until Thursday, as there is still a bit left.


Version 1.1 will feature up to 3 new romance conflict dialogues (there are 4 new ones, but the most the pc would ever see in the same game would be 3 new ones) for Coran and 3 new romance conflict dialogues for Ajantis. Under certain circumstances, the pc may even see a new Xan banter.


More importantly, Version 1.1 features some important bug fixes, for both the friendship and the romance paths, for the quest, and for some of the interjections. Gavin will no longer comment on item finds that he should not be able to identify.


Lovetalk 27 was supposed to be extended, but I haven't yet puzzled out the technicalities, so that's on hold for the time being.

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