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Holy Liberator Import From BG Tutu?

Guest Pike

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I installed the Oversight mod against a Baldur's Gate Tutu installation and just selected the Holy Liberator kit and the Alignment Changes for Cleric kit parts. No problems in Tutu playing this kit.


When I try to import a saved game from Tutu into Baldur's Gate II (also w/Oversight installed w/Holy Liberator plus other components), my character class is just set back to a normal paladin.


Is what I am trying to do possible/recommended? Would some other mods be conflicting with this process? Is a workaround just to Shadowkeeper the import saved game (if so, what is the value for the HL kit?).


Thanks in advance for any insights.

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One of the problems with re-installing kit mods or transferring them to a different game is that the kit mods have to be reinstalled in the exact same order. Your character is set to use kit #x, and the Holy Liberator is a different number in your new game so it's defaulting back to a generic paladin. If you can figure out the old kit order and reinstall mods on your new game to make it happen, you'll see your character turn back into a Holy Liberator.


If not, the fix is a bit longer. You need to find kitlist.2da in your override folder and open it with any text editor. Towards the end there should be a line that reads something like:


32	KishHL	 25184 25155 25207 KishHL 33		   0x00000020	6

The important thing is the 'KishHL' reference and the number at the beginning of the line--this is the kit number you need to assign to your character.


Open up your character with Shadowkeeper. You'll need to manually enter a kit value on the characteristics tab. Enter 0x40zz0000 where zz is the kit number you retrieved from kitlist.2da. That should do it.

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Thanks for the replies.


Would it even be possible to do the installation kit order solution if you have different kits for each game? What is considered a kit and what isn't?


My BG Tutu consisted of:


Easy Tutu

Tutu Hotfixes

Tutu Fixes

BG1 Unfinished Business (Beta Tutu version)



Divine Remix


Spawn Randomizer



BGII consisted of:


BG2 Fixpack


Unfinished Business



Divine Remix



It sounds like it easier just to do the editing thing. Thanks for your help.

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Oversight and Divine Remix add kits. So if you're installing the same kits from both in the same order, and no other kits, that should work, if Cam is right. I'd try that anyway before trying to hack around with Shadowkeeper and kit assignments. Your WeiDU.log should tell you which kits you have and in which order.

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I also installed a couple of Ranger kits that are in Unfinished Business - those two were before Oversight (although I could have skipped it since they are also in Divine Remix).


The line from each of my weidu.log file has:


~SETUP-OVERSIGHT.TP2~ #0 #7 // Holy Liberator


...not sure if that means anything or not.


I did try the kit file and Shadowkeeper hack, and it did seem to work. I did get some sort of resource error from Shadowkeeper about something not being in the new save, I'm not sure if it was important or not.

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