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Make a new game with GemRB; is it possible?

Guest Urupilindi

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Guest Urupilindi



To the question:

Can i "make" a new game and mods with this engine GemRB besides from running old games?


Maby my question is a bit pointless because it didnt say anything about it on the introduction page, but still i feel this desire to ask!


If i cant make any new games with the engine, could anyone give me any directions who to talk to. Seems like bioware wants to make my hair grey before they starts to anwser my questions!


I lost lone wolf! ;)


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short answer: yes


long answer:

Depends on what license you want to use. GemRB is GPL licensed.

Depends on how much you want to code. GemRB is not complete, yet.


GemRB is not affiliated with BioWare in any way. (Except that we are fans of the old IE games). Therefore we cannot tell you if bioware still licenses their old engine. Chances are that it is already down in the drain, or if it isn't, the license fee would be very steep.


Writing a new game, even if the engine is fully complete is not a small task. You'll need more than one person to complete it.


I heard this question many times, so probably it should be stickied.

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