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Assassin Kit


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I've once made an component, which changes Coat poison into Death attack. But it should be optional only.


Heh... maybe +1 bonus to saving throw vs. posions per 4 levels. Also a possibility to specialisation in any weapon can be useful.

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I don't plan to change the Assassin. Prestige Classes are good as inspiration for kits, but I don't think that designing them as equivalents is always a good choice, as kits begin at level 1 while PrCs are gained later in a character's adventuring career. Plus, I quite like the Assassin kit in the game.

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Me too. But in PnP they have detect poisons ability. You know, when you're true poisoner, you have got better defence against them. Then simple +2 to saves vs. poison should be a good thing.


And about 3rd edition Assasin - I think, it can be nice thing as an opitonal component :)

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Guest PersonMan

Not to be a downer but 2nd edition is not 3rd or 3.5. The rules are meant to be different. 2nd has always been more loose in the rules area and the assassin is how the kit was in 2nd.


just sayin

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