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please confirm this


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In ToB, if i have a character which has shield equipped, but no weapon, the game doesn't show the shield when reloading the game.

You have to reequip the shield to show up on the ingame avatar (paperdoll is correct, and equipping effects are also calculated).



If this is true, is there any reason for this? Or it is a simple bug?

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Works fine for me. I loaded a ToB game with the default ToB fighter CHR, unequipped the long sword +2 and left the medium shield +2, quick-saved, and then reloaded. The shield shows up on the avatar and the paper doll; the fist is the only selectable quick weapon.


This is with my test setup, so it has just about the lowest possible settings; YMMV.

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I had a weapon was in the first quick weapon slot. Dunno if that has any significance.

I tested it in a heavily modded Glory of Istar TC (on ToB 26498), but i didn't expect that causing any problem either.

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That also works fine here (leaving the sword in the quick weapon slot and selecting the fist in slot 2, quick-save, and quick-load).


If you said you had DLTC installed in the first post, I probably wouldn't have bothered to even check. :(

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