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Ajantis and Safana


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I just finished playing thru the Anjantis romance again and just love it. I've never had Safana in my party but thought I would try this time. I was a little disappointed that the PC let Safana flirt with Ajantis though. Is this something that is going to be changing?

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Yikes! I'm fairly sure Jastey would have a fit if a romanced Ajantis was flirting with Safana!


What, exactly, do you mean? I'm going to have to find the banters in question, so it would probably be good if I had something to go on. Are these banters, talks, random comments? If you could give me a quote or two, that would help.


Once I find them, I'll be able to tell if they need a rewrite, or if just including a romance check will do it.



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Safana flirts with just about everybody... it is definitely in-character. I don't know if Jastey put in any responses from the PC, but definitely let berelinde know, and between the group of us we can flag down Jastey.

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Safana flirts with everybody, but the PC should be able to toss her towel into the ring if there's an active romance. At the very least, she should be able to say "Oh, really?"


But that's why I need to find out the exact degree and context of this. If this is just Safana's generic habit of calling everyone "darling", that's one thing, but if Safana is turning on the charm and Ajantis is finding his armor a little restrictive as a result, the pc should be allowed to intervene.


I'm combing Safana's files even now.

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About the only thing I can find between Safana and Ajantis is Safana's box, that 50 pound, unmovable thing that gets dropped in his inventory.


I think this is supposed to stand as it is, because it demonstrates Ajantis's chivalry, and the ridiculous consequences that eat up nearly a third of his carrying capacity and most of the benefit of having a 17 strength.

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Yep. Ajantis definetly is not hot for Safana, he's just doing what lady tells him. There is no real RP way to get rid of the box, I think, seeing Safana is happy with it being in AJantis' keeping and Ajantis too good to dump it back on her. Reducing the weight though will be good. Say to 10 lbs.

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Thank you for drawing my attention to this, though. I have to admit the PC not reacting to any possible flirting is a result of my ignorance concerning the dialogues written by other authors ;)

This is something worth looking at, though, after I finished my current project.


Thank you for the nice words, btw. :D

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I think what Jastey was saying is that she'd like to be made aware of these issues, but that she would prefer to address them once her current project is finished.


In other words, it's a judgment call, and she'll get to it, but not right now.


Maybe we can put a to-do list in the BG1 NPC Workroom for things that will eventually need Jastey's attention, but aren't immediate enough to warrant a "stop the presses" order.

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