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Item opcode questions


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Well, since there seems to be a profound lack of weapons for the less populer catagories-Darts, clubs, daggers, ect-I'm making some to fill the gaps up. First thing's first is a set of daggers.


I'm currently working on a collection of elemental daggers (and I'm open to suggestions, provided they're not too cheesy).


Basic outline for them is this: A +2 dagger that does +1 elemental damage, and then has a chance to do something else. So for the frost dagger, a chance to slow (Save Vs Breath at -1 or a flat out 15% chance of slowing) and for the acid dagger a chance to do 4 acid damage over 2 seconds-or 2 acid damage for one second, and then another.


What I'm having trouble with is seeing how to do the last style of effect-delayed damage that only hits once. Can anyone explain? I've set it to Delayed/Limited in the timing mode, and I assume that's the correct one-can someone confirm this please?

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Add 2 effects for the 2 acid splashes. Damage effects don't have duration anyway.

There is another way, but it is just too complex, and would take 2 effects anyway ;)

Yeah, I've been doing trial and error to see. One weird thing is, since the acid dagger is supposed to 2 acid damage, it actually seems to do one less. Despite the fact I have it set to 2, it only does 1 damage. And when I put the damage up to three, it does two.


The weird thing is, I've checked and there's no items that give resistance to acid on the targets I've testing it on (read-fellow party members) so I don't see why it does one less damage than it should.


...well, whatever. Thanks for the help

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