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Groups of monsters..


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This is an odd glitch I've encountered numerous times. I wasn't 100% sure whether it was an Easytutu or BG1 NPC project issue, as I have both installed. Basically, what happens is whenever I encounter a group of monsters in the woods, at first all goes well, but then, as their ranks are thinned by my party members, two of them kind of merge together and start vibrating in place, unable to move or attack my party. Even though I have a powerful computer (wayyyy in excess of what BG would require), the framerate slows down to a choppy slide show until I go and kill one of the merged monsters.


The bug isn't anywhere near game breaking, and it doesn't occur every single time.. I'd say around 8/10 of times, maybe. It's slightly annoying at worst, and a non issue at best. Just thought I'd ask your opinion on whether it's a known BG1 NPC bug or not.


It has provided me with numerous entertaining situations. I could swear a couple of gibberlings were in the process of mating furiously when they got stuck and started doing the jittery vibrating thing (the way they were positioned and the animation that they were looping was just right to create that effect). I wish I could have somehow recorded that bit and posted it here. It had me teary eyed from laughing so hard. Of course, eventually I had to break up the happy couple and kill them, as they were slowing my game down. ;)

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Your party can do this to. It's a BG2 thing, and it comes from neither creature being able to bounce off another and move forward at a different angle. It's just more visible with monsters because you can't just select one of them and issue another movement command.


There was a user who was using a screenshot that looked like her PC was kissing Haer'Dalis as an avatar who was also very amused by the phenomenon you describe.

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Might be that this is an engine thing - never had it happen to me though.


I wonder what causes this to happen 8/10 - this shouldn't happen.


Have you installed the latest official patches for both BG1 and BG2 (either SOA or TOB) before installing Tutu?

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Hmm.. I dunno, really. I did install the latest patches (the latest TotSC and ToB patches, respectively) before installing Tutu, and I have no other mods besides Tutu and the NPC pack. It shouldn't be a horsepower issue if there's an engine thing causing it, since I have 1 gig of DDR2 ram, a 3200 + AMD Athlon (64 bit) processor, and a Geforce 7950 GT 512 graphics card. Unless it's some sort of weird configuration thing.


Now that you mentioned it, berelinde, I recall seeing the problem before when I played BG2, plain, with no mods. But it wasn't nearly as frequent as it is now.

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