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How to begin applying to get hosted for a BGII mod on GB3?

Guest ThriceBeneath

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Guest ThriceBeneath

Hi! My question is probably a simple one I'm missing on the main page, but I can't seem to locate the link for it. o.o


Basically, I've believe I've acquired enough coding knowledge and enough of a base idea that I'm really interested in starting work on a BGII NPC mod, and really all I'm looking for at the moment is a place to be hosted so I can have a forum and a place to discuss the idea with, you know, the BGII mod audience as it progresses. ;)


A little on the idea:


I've always felt one of the things I've wanted to see in an NPC mod is a little flavor...with some great DnD settings out there beyond FR like Scarred Lands, Midnight, Dragonlance, Eberron, etc....it just seems to me with all these resources to draw characters from, someone might have a little 'dimension-hopping' fun throwing into the BGII mix a couple of characters whose entire worldview and way of life seems at odds with simply 'being' on Faerun rather than the homeland they're accustomed to.


My particular taste, in particular, which has grown massively with my research into the setting, is the Rokugan/Legend of the Five Rings setting. While Faerun already has 'Kara-Tur' as its default 'Oriental Adventures' avenue, with Rokugan in particular comes an already rich history which has shaped the very fundementals of how their culture acts. Where honor, if you will, is a much more important virtue than alignment, and loyalty to one's clan and family over all else is greater than yourself. Where being an outsider, or a ronin samurai, if you will, holds a stigma in society greater than the most despicable diplomat.


The basic idea surrounds two NPCs I've put together using the Legend of the Five Rings sourcebooks, both from clans in Rokugan (one from a major clan and family, the other from a disgraced and destroyed minor clan). Both, however, are of professions and backgrounds not typical for either their families or clans, and both find themselves haphardly thrust into the world of Faerun through happenstance without a language or culture they understand, with only a seething hatred and mistrust of each other that they share any sort of familiarity.


Chuda Mori is a ronin samurai descended from the disgraced and fallen Snake Clan, a minor clan of Shugenja (Rokugan spellcasters) who were corrupted by a dark spirit and subsequently annihilated for their evil. The few living descendants of the Snake typically continue the dark work of their ancestors. Mori is a bit of an enigma and an oddity to his fellows, a ronin disgraced by the past of his ancestors and determined through his deeds to regain some sort of honor and respect to his long fallen clan. Mori's samurai class is intended to be represented as a fighter character class in this game.


Matsu Keiyako is a distant member of the Matsu family of the illustrious Lion Clan, the clan reknowned in Rokugan for its high sense of honor and loyalty to the emperor. When a threat comes to the Empire, it is said the Lion always takes to the Emperor's side. The Matsu family in particular is the current head family of the clan, known for their passion and ferocity on battle. They replaced the Akodo family, the traditional leaders of the Lion, as head family after a falling out with the Akodo. The Matsu in particular are known for its strong and passionate samurai. Thus it may come as some surprise to some that Keiyako, while she plays the part of a bushi (samurai)...is in fact something much more frowned upon in Rokugani society...Keiyako is in fact a ninja...a vassal raised in the service of a minor Matsu lord who believed not all things could be solved with honorable combat and righteous example. Given the high reputation of her clan, Keikayo has gone to painstaking lengths to hide the truth of her service to the Matsu, for surely they would kill her and her lord where they stood if they knew. Such a thing as ninja would be acceptable for honorless dogs like the Scorpion Clan...but a Lion? But Keiyako also believes in her duty, and understands the need for those who would do things slightly more dirty for the sake of her clan and the Empire. Keiyako's ninja class is to be represented by an assassin in BGII.


As it goes, a certain Snake clan ronin had made his way into Lion territory in hopes of hiring himself off as a mercenary to the Lion in their ongoing war with the Phoenix Clan and Dragon Clan (having allied themselves to the Phoenix) and proving his honor in combat. Suspicious of such an individual, a certain local Matsu lord dispatched a certain ninja to keep tabs on this mercenary, and if necessary, eliminate him.


A twist of fate in a deadly pursuit deep in the heart of a forest dropped these two far away from home, into a very strange land of gaijin. And thus, our story begins...


Honestly, I don't even know where to start applying...do I send up an app for the basic idea and development to the mods here, etc?

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1) register an account.

2) send a PM to CamDawg with your application.

3) note that G3 doesn't accept forums for ideas. Usually, forum hosting is provided once you have a functioning NPC (at least an alpha with a good percentage of the planned features in for early testers). Until then, custom is to simply discuss your ideas in a thread like this one.

If you feel that you want a forum right now, Chosen of Mystra are usually willing to create a forum to anybody who comes up with a basic NPC idea.

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If you feel that you want a forum right now, Chosen of Mystra are usually willing to create a forum to anybody who comes up with a basic NPC idea.


Hmm not so much any more, there is a thread in which both CoM_Solaufein and Belladonna have mentioned the newer, much stricter, requirements for hosting.


Still it might be worth checking with them, or one of the other moderators, if you are interested.

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