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loading bug with pause

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Guest Guest_Da_venom_*

In some encouters

mostly the bounty hunters which will talk to you, when you enter a new area

will get bugged as soon as u pause on the first enemy seen and attack him manually

sometimes this wil prevent the other charachters from being spawned


and sometimes when your lucky they spawn all but still use the attack manual trick

they lose some of their scripts


like the cleric not using his skeleton ability


also the game loads a bit slower each time i enter a new area

just for 1-3 seconds but then after it's ok


must be cause of the placement or something


it's just long enough to make it annoying


also if you use pause when a monster attacks you(dialogue box bottom of screen)

and shoot it with arhcer(my pc is a archer) he will stop moving 0,5 seconds

long enough to give my archer 2-3 free shot dropping the enemy


not that I don't mind though. But I think the enemies should be running after the pc without standing still even if it's for just 0,5 second or shorter


gives my archer the edge off the fight (i solo fight every map area i encounter with my archer only for bosses i use my other companions)

since scs already made the characters faster there is no way that enemies will be faster than my archer and i can always pick them off the herd


cause when you walk away too far enemies don't follow the pc anymore so you have less and less enemies on a long road you have to undertake


but for the rest this is a good mod for sure:D

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it's possible to skip one encounter

with the warriors and thieves that come after you cleared out the nashkel mines


if you go to beregost and talk to the officer you can get scalps


but this will also ignore the warrior and thievev from ever spawning


you will get the cleric and thief party right away


haven't done some major testing on this though

but occured to me 1-2 times



but then again they could appear in later stage


but either way if all goes good

i get 2 fight those parties right after eachother it's that a bit overpowered? if i travel from beregost to let's say firewin bridge i get the first party if i enter a new area(non city) i get the second party ;)

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