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Windows Vista


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I have a 64 bit system and xp 64 os


bg I think will work once I do a reinstall (works but crashes when I leave an area)


I would be more concerned with what vista is going to everything else.


dont get vista!

and if you are into 3d many of the plugins do not work on a 64 platform but can work on 32 just fine

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I heard that also about old games and Vista, but so far all the games I posted in that link above have installed and are playable, of course some of them would depend on the hardware, namely NWN2 and Oblivion.


I will try to keep that list updated and I hope others add other games to it that are Vista compatible.

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Weirdly enough, a lot of new games don't work on Vista. Vista ships with DX10 which apparently is not backwards compatible with DX9... at least, that's what they've been saying on another forum which I frequent (not related to IE).


New operating systems always have issues like this... for example, MM7 & earlier don't work properly on Windows XP. For some people, Torment didn't work on XP either although I've never had a problem.


Isn't it true that you can run Vista in XP mode though? That should pretty much guarantee that it will run BG2, assuming the feature works (since the one in XP didn't).

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Vista has the same functionality as XP. In XP you can run programs in 2000 or 98 compatibiltiy mode, Vista just adds XP to that list (i need to check if 98 is still on the list, my vista laptop is at work in my drawer).


I havent had a problem yet with any games. In one of the RC's of Vista I had to run BG2 in compatibility mod but with the final release it installed and worked with no problem.


I personally dont like vista. XP runs faster for me and from the benchmark tests I have seen xp beats vista in performance and speed. I have it to test it because someone in my company will eventually want it and I will need to support it.

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From what I have heard, most of the games which don't work with Vista are games which install spyware on your system; I've never heard of a mainstream commerical games doing this (the main reason being that if found out, it would be a PR disaster for the publisher), but smaller, self-published titles (or indie games) sometimes do. That's not to malign the indie scene as the vast majority of titles are free of any sort of malware, but that scene has its share of shady goings on just like any other.


Incidentally, I would expect that using a typical anti-malware program (such as Spybot) to clean up a non-Vista system would also prevent the games in question from running.

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Those people who are seniors executives in big companies and who know what bad press and public backlash can do for the sales of their products, yes.


Of course, not all senior executives know precisely what will and will not cause bad press, but given public feelings regarding malware and a few prominent examples of what happens when big companies employ it (e.g. the Sony music fiasco), they would have to be pretty brain dead not to realize that the general public wouldn't exactly approve of spyware in their products.

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