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Tozaks heart

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Ok I've just been almost fully through Amn and I've got the following in my party:


Main charachter







Now I'm getting ready to go to Suldanessalar<sp? and while going through and checking thier equipment I noticed that Kivan still has Tozaks heart which he took way back in Firggy's lair when we were there.


Now I'm wondering did I miss something some where which would allow me to lose this heart? After all it's taken up a slot on him. Or shouldn't I have allowed him to take the heart?





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SPOILERS (but that's what you want, right?) :D









I don't think he actually gets rid of it until ToB.


I'd have to agree with Berelinde. The only time he can did get rid of it, that I know of, occurs in ToB, at the Temple in the forest between the Marching Mountains and Saradush, once you've answered correctly Nyalee's riddle (you even get a constitution bonus at that moment if my memory's any good).


Although the idea of carrying around an unpreserved body organ for that long is kind of... well, less said about it the better.

Well, it's like that dialog option put it... "Will you at least, er... pickle or smoke it or something? 'Cause a foul half-ogre's heart is still a chunk of meat, and when it starts to rot, no posy will save us from the stench." !! :)

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