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Happy 8th of March: Romantic Options for Ladies!


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Romance 1 is with Jaemal.


Mal's looking for a kind, understanding, introspective and in an essence good lady, though the alignments are not directly restricted.



A Scene from Jaemal's Romance (only one of the options shown at each turn):


Jaemal: One falls in love when he meets someone bright, so impossibly bright that when she is not around, his soul still remembers. The same way his eyes, even closed, remember light after he looked at it.

Lady: That's what love is? An imprint on each-other's soul?

Jaemal: And many other things besides.



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Romance 2 is with Rizdaer.


Daer's looking for a strong, strong-willed, stubborn and individualistic lady. The romance does have evil flavoring to it, and it can be turned to evil by the lady, though the alignments are not directly restricted.



A Scene from Rizdaer's Romance (only one of the options shown at each turn)::


Rizdaer: Stand still for a moment.

Lady: Or what?

Rizdaer: Or nothing. Otherwise I'll kiss you.

Lady: But our enemies-

Rizdaer: I'll kill them. (The kiss descends onto your lips, stealing the words.)

Lady: But our friends-

Rizdaer: I'll kill them too.



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Ah, yes, I hope for a few folks dusting off those IWD2 CDs for either playing this or adding their own stuff! Vivat the joinable NPC Revolution! And i think it is a must for anyone who played BG2 with a female PC and felt kind of short-changed listening to Jaheira, Aerie and Viconia quarelling over the male PC to play with at least the rival male in the party (and maybe another jelouse NPC or two). :)

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Thank you! Well, I hope I didn't spoil too much :)


They have a very primitive code at the moment, just shooting out the sequences, so I wouldn't recommend playing them for the sake of actually experiencing the romance. I'll be posting big thinggie when I would like to get help with romance testing/polishing/flirting etc.


NWN1 is horrible. :D

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Thank you! Well, I hope I didn't spoil too much :)


Not at all!

I admit these two sound yummy! ;) Although I might go for Rizdaer the first time. I can just picture him smothering my protesting "goody-two-shoes" PC with kisses whilst telling her he's doing to murder everyone around them. :D


I must say that I, too, am considering taking my IWD2 CDs out of their case. I really liked the game, found it richer from a role-playing aspect (and, having never played PnP, I discovered the whole system of feats and stuff!), but sadly lacking that whole bantery/romancy/interactiony aspect that made BG2 so much fun. So, bottom line is, I'm looking forward to this project!


NWN1 is horrible.
And, ah, are they playable already? (I admit I got bored with NWN1 VERY quickly...)

I didn't even have to courage to find the cure and make it out of the city...

That whole "henchman" concept was just... distasteful!

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Wooow, Domi! I have been lurking on these forums for quite a while, but never actually dared to post anything. Finally logged in to add my 2 cents.

I think what you are doing is an amazing job! I always wanted Icewind Dale to be like Baldur's Gate with its characters. So i never had enough interest to finish it, but now it will stand some chance.

Anyway you probably heard it so many times already, but you have gained one more loyal fan! I really hope you will keep this project going.

It sounds amazing :)


Thank you for such a wonderful present on the 8th of March. This thread was one of the few things that made me smile.

Now eagerly awaiting for the whole mod! :D

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And after rotting on a bookshelf for years, Icewind Dale II finally gets installed :)

Same here. Good scene choices Domi. Even though I already know the two romances I will have to play through both of them. I might actually finish the game for the first time.

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Thank you :) I think you might still run into some surprising content, because I throw a romantic dialogue here and there into the scenery files, plus romantic conflicts, flirts etc.

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