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Voice actress wanted!


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It was originally intended that I would do the voicing for Jelina, but university is catching up with me and I simply can't devote the time to it that I'd like. So...


We need a voice actress, preferably British (Jelina is not American, sorry). If you're interested, have a go at these sample lines and email/PM recordings to myself and/or Grim Squeaker.


1. "Are you ever afraid when a companion falls in battle? I mean, do you ever worry that their eyes won't open again when you try to raise them?"


2. "I don't know why I bother with you! How can you be so cold? You're impossible!"


3. "Because I care about you more than that, that's why!"


4. "I'm not sure what to say. I never thought you'd feel the same way I do."


All lines taken from Lovetalk Previews if you're looking for some context :)

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If you find you're reduced to recruiting among the Americans, I'll have a go at the lines. But I doubt you're going to be that desparate.


If you're interested, give them a go - you never know, you might change our minds :)

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So yeah, ideally fairly generic English or Scottish.


Omg! If she sounds Glaswegian, I won't romance her :D (just kidding ;) )

Actually, the different accents in BG2 shocked me, as we don't have that in French... Minsc sounds REALLY weird... Nalia on the other hand ;) Much much better than her French shrieking voice :)

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