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One really cool thing I didn't know about Amber


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Amber's player 2 romance lets you do PID!


I'm doing the single-player cheat, which is to say that my female protagonist is romancing Xan and my male sorceror Player 2 is romancing Amber because I copied a multiplayer savegame into the singleplayer folder.


In any case, I'm enjoying the novelty of using regular single-player Player1 PID with the protagonist and special Player2 PID with Amber.


Gotta love that Player2 romance. Sheer genius.

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That's what I was doing when I tested the play2 romance option ;)

Started a BG1 mp game with two characters and dumped the save into the sp folder.


Now as long as I've been playing the game I didn't know that you could do the above to be honest with you there. Could you eplain how it's done for some of us that don't know?





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Err not quite sure what berelinde is on about :)

but you have to create a multiplayer game with 2 players and save it.

Then you move the save from the mp folder to the sp folder (create a sub folder there as per naming convention) and fire up bg again, this time loading a sp game. Your mp game will be listed there and be fully functional as a sp game with 2 players.

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berelinde is an idiot. It happens when the eyeballs are two raisins from squinting at code for 5-10 hours at a time, and then reading regular conversational posting in as screwed up a manner as possible.


Ignore her and she'll toddle off to cause mayhem and confusion somewhere else.

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