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Jaheira's mentor


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There's an issue in unmodded BG1 with Seniyad being Jaheira's mentor, with respect to the Aldeth encounter. Dudley suggests naming another druid (who I think doesn't appear until BG2) as Jaheira's mentor to resolve this.

Seniyad (according to Izefia, AR1600) is the Archdruid that Jaheira follows so it would seem ridiculous that Jaheira would allow you to side with Aldeth and then kill Seniyad in Cloakwood. However, based on Jonathan Ellis' suggestions: both Amarande and Izefia's dialogue should be changed to show Jaheira's archdruid as Verthan (assuming no-one can see any flaws in this suggestion).
So I started looking into changing the relevant dialogues, but realised this might conflict with BG1 NPC. I dug around in the Project files and the forum to see if there was anything that would conflict with this. Among other things, I came across this rather ancient reference:
One thing that needs to be addressed for Jaheira (if it isn't already): according to several of the Shadow Druids in the game, Jaheira is a follower of the Archdruid Seniyad.  Though you probably wouldn't guess it from his appallingly low level and useless equipment, Seniyad makes an appearance in the game - he's the Druid who wants to kill Aldeth Sashenstar.  You'd have thought Jaheira might just have something to say if you decide to kill him, and a simple "hello" is probably in order as well :D.  I know it's probably outside the boundaries of this mod, but I'd also love to see a peaceful outcome to this encounter added.
Actually, I will tie the Aldeth-encounter into one of two Jaheira's personal quests that I am planning. The details will probably be posted in the workroom tomorrow. And yes, a peaceful outcome will be possible, and the quest exp reward will depend on whether you killed Aldeth or no. Of course, if you will attack Seniyad, you will lose Jaheira (and Khalid) and her quest with that action. I plan her to interact with all the Shadow Druids in Cloakwood-3, hopefully I can get those written in the next couple of days. :)
So was this ever coded or resolved to make sense with the original objection (raised by Jonathan Ellis, NiGHTMARE and others) that either Seniyad doesn't make sense as Jaheira's mentor or she should protest at some point? I'm finding it a bit difficult to dig through the Project files to try to figure this out. The only thing I've really noticed is that Amarande's name is misspelled as Amaranthe in some cases, at least in the JaheirasQuest.html file that comes with the Project. I can't actually find any dialogue that was added or changed for Amarande, Seniyad, Izefia or Aldeth, but maybe I'm not looking in the right place.
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Actually, I have just rebuilt portions of this, and the conflict is definitely resolved. It is possible to side with Aldeth and (I think) somehow manage to keep Jaheira in the party, but Jaheira's quest makes it highly unlikely that you can do so without forcing the issue. Seniyad is retained as Jaheira's former mentor.


relavant code in D:\BaldursGateTutu\BG1NPC\Phase2\DLG\X#JAQU.D, lines 283 - 456, and relevant tra's in X#JAQU.tra


Basically, there is a conversation with Seniyad however you play it, and if Jaheria is in the party and the Quest is not taken, she and Khalid (assuming you haven't "lost" him in an inn somewhere) leave FOREVAR.

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Cool. Additional dialogue that explains the situations is the best way to resolve it anyway. Better than some awkward name-changing hack anyhow.

@95 = ~Speak, Seniyad, and I... <CHARNAME> and I will listen.~
Typical Jaheira, eh? :)


Just remember to correct the typos in the quest readme. Will PM you some more technical things I noticed.

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I definitely need to hire out a complete group of workers to do correct spoiler walkthroughs for BG1 NPC; starting with a complete ripoff of Dudleyville and working from there. I just can't keep ahead of documentation AND modder/change documentation AND coding :) Too much to do, to little time available (and I really, really have to stop fixing stuff and just do one simple runthrough...)

I have Spring Break coming up and it might be possible to try to get some updates on the documentation worked in somehow.

PM rec'd, replied, looks great... if you can toss me code, I will be in your debt :D

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Hey Miloch, I stoleborrowed your code for the gnome materials wholesale from he mini-mod, and distributed the fixes (while busily appropriating that %tsu% %tsw% into my own stuff) - you are forcing me to learn even more cool stuff :). The animation/creature corrections are in the core fixes (BUT_ONLY_IF_IT_CHANGES, so if your mini-mod is installed it will just fly past). I split the portraits off to be incorporated only if the user requests the non-joinable portraits be installed (as some folks prefer no portraits). I noticed our two favorite FAI proprietors were un-portraited in the mini-mod, so I left our Bently and added a Gellana from Portrait City. I will have a test run tomorrow for recheck on installing, then put something up relatively quickly, just in case you actually get time to play instead of mod :D

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Cool. I omitted Bentley and Gellana portraits intentionally, since they're already in BG1 NPC. You might want to make sure the mini-mod works on BGT, or at least check there aren't any wack BGT filename formats (maybe Quayle and Tiax?) and the regexp covers them. I was going to get around to it but I don't have BGT installed atm.


If you want to hold off a bit, I should have those druid fixes for you later today. Noticed some other glitches, like Maretha being a man (thought that was reported a while back). Anyway, I'll send you all the fixed files and code.

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It's called galenas.bmp for some reason, instead of gellans.bmp. And she looks slightly more drowish than gnomish, but it's hard to find female gnome portraits. The one I used for Landrin I think is from IWD or something.

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In your latest internal, the "Cloakwood areas availability in Chapter One" component displays twice in a row. Eh... not sure why exactly... didn't see anything in the TP2 or TRA to cause it... maybe something funny with REQUIREs... :)

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I'll take a look - it isn't happening on my end (I just did three test installs, 2 on Tutu and 1 on BGT), but it may be that I have missed something (you did do a full rip-out of the old version, right?)

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