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The Manly Men: Romantic Options for Gentlemen


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Romance 3 is with Peony.


Peony is looking for a nice guy - at least to her - and is in essence a good person, though the alignments are not directly restricted, and Peony does not require him to be a paragon of goodness.


A Scene from Peony's Romance (only one option is shown at every turn):


Gentleman: It's essential that we count the stars, snuggling under a cloak.

Peony: Your cloak or mine?

Gentleman: Neither! It'll be a magic cloak of coziness. It looks just like mine, only, well, it was washed recently.

Peony: Viva the magic cloak of coziness!

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Romance 4 is with Salomeya


Salomeya is looking for someone with flexible morals, long patience, and a sharp tongue.


A Scene from Salomeya's Romance (only one option is shown at every turn):


Salomeya: There’s one type of men I find absolutely irresistible.

Gentleman: I doubt that it is a poor romantic who collects dust because your foot touched it.

Salomeya: I have no use for dust, romantics or the poor. As a matter of fact, I find them thoroughly lackluster.

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He-he, I see you continue to spearhead the "Let's not get spoiled' movement. Anyways, I am writing the last of the Peony's talks, so the spoilres for the fourth should come within 2 weeks or so.

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I guess, there is absolutely no way to tame Salomeya? By looks she is the definite choice of mine


I think she's cool too - though I think a romance with her would be a different sort of romance, it would be fun. (Yes, I'm a shameless romance addict and will play any sort).


I'm really liking Peony . . . but she can't have Rizdaer. :)

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You can tell her all about it in the conflicting banters she'll have with the PC :)


Okay, I'll cave in, seeing you're all on the money anyway. It *is* Salomeya, and it *is* going to be different than all other romances.

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One thing that cropped up while writing, is that Salomeya's romance will have a prohibitive condition - she will not romance another bard. I simply could not accomodate the sharp rivalry every step of the way.

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He-he, I decline to comment on the exact proportion of slaping vs romantic in Salomeya's romance. :)


The only prohibitive class is a bard.


Being a paladin *will* reduce your probability to match (as would being, say, a gnome or having the high Intimidate score), but if other PC's build parameters and what you say will please her, you might be able to overcome the penalty on being a good guy.


All the romantic matches will be dynamic, ie will calculate all things that the NPC likes and dislikes about the character after the first three talks, and then NPC will either continue romancing or romance would disengage.


I'm atm debating if it's worse-while to add 5-10% 'lucky break' when the match requirements are not met, but the chars are matched anyway.


If anyone figured out just how I am going to handle matches, please, feel free to explain it to me! Heh, actually I will be writing them soon enough and if it does not work well, I'll ditch it in favor PC-driven romance initiation.

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