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Save failed


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I cleared out the files in all the save folders and the problem still persists. When I installed the baldurdash fix the saves were fine, the crashing was horrendous. Then i uninstalled that fix and both persisted. So I installed the new patch, crashing seems less but the saving is still a problem.

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There are two issues: the temp directory will be created as a file, and Spotlight can interfere with the method the game uses to copy and delete temporary data when saving.


For the first, delete the file named "temp" in the Baldur's Gate II directory and create a new folder named "temp" (both minus quotes, of course). This should affect the most recent versions of SoA and ToB, but if the "temp" folder already exists (and it really is a folder), then you should be fine.


For the second, launch System Preferences, select Spotlight, select the Privacy tab, and add the Baldur's Gate II directory to the list (either by clicking the '+' button or dragging the folder from the Finder to the list). This is only an issue if you run the game under Mac OS X 10.4 or later.


Corrupted files shouldn't ever be able to cause failures when saving the game.

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I did a fresh install and the problem persisted. Then I did as devsin said and the saves work now. Thanks to everyone. I can't wait for the next update to come out to correct more bugs and crashes. This is an awesome game and deserves more attention than the developers gave.

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