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NPC Flirt pack hiccup started a small bug

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I just killed the Black Dragon, and Aerie starting initiating NPC Flirt packs' PIDs every 5 seconds. I save, exit and come back, and get into the tree of life and realize that she didn't have any of those talks with Deheriana. It wasn't hard for me to figure out that she was trying to start up those banters.


I reloaded to just after I killed the Black Dragon (unfortunately, a save from after this started), and she won't initiate it, so can I have a global to set to take care of it please? Thanks!

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Please, check that you've installed the Flirtpacks the very last thing. What happens is that PID flirtpacks have True() condition on them so they will 'steal' your other banter if the order of the install is incorrect.


If that's not the case, please post again, and I'll need to take a look at your game, to see if there is a variable glitching.

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isnt that what your weidu files does. lists which parts of which mods were installed in which order?


or is that not what you are after?


I was looking for a list of the order of which I should install mods. But I mostly used common sense for my install order. I didn't know NPC Flirts hijacked banters on occasion.

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In the interests of accuracy it's non-weidu mods, then weidu mods. Flirt Packs are a WeiDU mod, but because it uses an "always true" condition it has a potential to mess up with any mod that scripts an NPC that is in the flirt pack to initiate a dialogue from J file, ie in this case Aerie. But it might not be the case. Please, if the Flirtpack went on before Kivan, uninstall everything up to the Flirtpack and then reinstall making sure that FP is the last thing.


This is from FP's ReadMe:


For safety's sake, try to install the flirt packs AFTER as many

mods as possible, unless otherwise specified.


You could read more in the ReadMe about what you can do etc. Kivan does not use Weighting on its dialogues so is suspetible to problems described in the FP ReadMe and must be installed before the FP.

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