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I would like to offer help in either the writing of banter or as a proofreader, or both if needed. I am very interested in the idea of corrupting the good-aligned NPCs, and would be willing to write banters for any of them. Of course, I would need to get an idea of what was going on to be able to write them! :suspect:

I wish you luck in this project, and hope that I can aid somehow in its completion.

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The current corrupted Nalia concept is the switch between Help the poor to Need Power to help the ppor to Want power under guise of heling poor.


What I will need from you firstly are say 6 dialogues between Nalia and MV with a believable slip into LE alignment and a couple-three of diffrent "voice" trials for corrupted Nalia.


The second batch, after we select the preferrable voice, will be any banter you can come up with other NPCs (just do not forget that you do not need the obligatory dead ones and that the good ones will be corrupted as well). I'll be editing it afterwards to make the mod cohesive and logical.








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Sounds good. :suspect:


Thank you for volounteering, guys.


I am guessing we are pretty much set for the writting staff, perhaps if someone really wants to take Imoen and is not affraid of making a majour change on the girl, please, give me a buzz!


The prelim concept is:


An impish rogue (perhaps Assassin), capable of extremely cruel remarques and nothing light left in her. Corruption is achieved by default after picking her up in Spellhold. MV later explains that he "visited" the girl making her to belive that she is abandoned to her own devices. Imoen loses her blind loyalty to the PC, and I have a humble hope to restore the "Imoen betrays you" plot when Imoen turns into a Slayer and tries to kill the PC, once she learns of MV's and PC's allainace.

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Hey, I'm a newbie but I couldn't help but notice what seems to be a very interesting idea for a mod. Anyway, I recently graduated in Journalism and also did a course in proofreading and copy-editing at university, so if you need another proofreader and editor, I would love to help.


Let me know if I can be of service :suspect:

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Wow, thank you for expressing your interest! Once the writting volume increases (hopefully soon) your help will be extremely appreciated. :suspect:


BTW, I am incredibly flattered by the amount of the first time posters in this forum :)

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Ha, i'm actually a journalism major as well (Mass communications to be exact). I have to take a grammar, spelling, and punctuation test next semester. Anyway, here's welcoming you to the editing staff, SneakyLee! :suspect:


@ both Domi and Lee: Should we develop some sort of editing scheme then? I'm not sure what you plan to do with further drafts and such, Domi, but i'm thinking it would be a waste of time for 2 people to go over every dialogue "from scratch". What I mean is, we could figure out who could edit what initially and then possibly go over each other's editions as an extra measure. That is if SneakyLee wants to. :) As for me, from the 8th of July 'till about the 25th of August, i'll have no school or work obligations whatsoever, so i'll be able to edit lots.


I'd also like to compliment Domi again on this mod! It's not only intriguing simply because it's an evil alternative, it's also a very engaging as a story in and of itself (as i'm sure many people will find upon it's release). I'm glad to be working under a gibberling so talented as yourself. :D

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Thanks for the welcome Julwise :D


Julwise,I think your strategy is probably the best to adopt and will probably be the most efficient. Seeing as work for journo's is scarce in SA at the moment, I actually seem to have too much free-time on my hands.Domi, Let me know the details (PM or e-mail me) when convenient for you :suspect:


This mod has me sooo excited, I just can't wait. It's about time somebody explored this line of thinking, in my opinion the scenarios of the PC in BG has never been sufficiently explored. Would be nice to have a romanceable NPC who is a badass :)

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Thank you guys. What I usualy do (when I have the luxury) is having two consequent edits. So Julwise's suggestion fits well along these lines. I think Julwise have worked through the first three talks, so how about I organise them into the second draft and send to Lee for the second revision? And I am expecting the individual NPC's co-authors to start supplying banter material at some point, so if there will be too much written material we can just split it. :suspect:

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I also need help with:


- A few spells made


- A custom kit made (for an NPC, not PC)


- 3 BG-like portraits made (in one style, more drawing like, than photo-realistic, ie if it is an edited photo it will be altered significantly)

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