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A silly request


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Think you could add an optional component trading the club Jaheira gets from Seniyad for a Staff with the exact same properties? Ya know, for people like me who think she should use the weapon she has in her picture.

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IIRC, Theodur specifically made it a club because there were a number of nice staves in the game, but no good clubs. So, I'd either consult with him, or not touch it, because the item was definetly built to his specifications. As for optional components, well, guys, a reward for a quest as an optional component... er... micromanagement gotta stop somewhere.

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That club is far and away better than any staff you get in the unmodded game, with the possible exception of the staff spear you get in TotSC pretty late. And I do mean "possible" - the staff spear doesn't call lightning once per day. If it were up to me, I would just nerf the club slightly and introduce a relatively equivalent staff somewhere else (I am in fact, already doing the latter in another mod that touches the druids).


The nerfing part I'm not going to take a hard line on, because it's not my mod. Is Theodur still contactable? I can't say I've seen any posts by him, except truly ancient ones.

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You can reach Theodur via PM here or at gamejag.net - the Attic forums.


I think adding a quarterstaff with exactly the same properties could be added into, say, Ugloth' Beard - after all, they already have a +3 weapon there. And this way Jae's quest will remain the same way.


(Or I would simply introduce another dialogue option during the reward-giving, so the player will have an opportunity to choose between the both, but that's just me).

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(Or I would simply introduce another dialogue option during the reward-giving, so the player will have an opportunity to choose between the both, but that's just me).
I was actually considering whether you could just do a proficiency check on Jaheira and give her a staff if she has that proficiency, otherwise the club. But being as how these are EFF v2s instead of the vanilla BG1 proficiencies (which share the same slot for clubs and staves anyhow), probably not without something like Detectable Stats/Spells. And it's kind of powergaming-ish but... whatever.


I was toying with these stats on the staff in the other mod I'm working on:

Quarter Staff +2, Staff of the Archdruid

Protection from Entangle

Casts Entangle once per day

Too weak or too powerful for Cloakwood loot? Similar to the club, but not quite the same.
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Sometimes, I really think you're off on another planet somewhere, berelinde...


The OP didn't specify the "optional component" had to be within the same mod necessarily. So I haven't really moved on to another topic entirely. Really now, do you have to disagree with everything I suggest? :)

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Actually, since BG1 NPC Project specializes on story rather than items, and most item/quest mods(In Candelight, Stone of Askavar, partly BG1 NPC with its Ring of Influence) introduce items which are overpowered anyway, I think a small item mod which would introduce some different +1 items - and perhaps some +2 ones in Chapter 4++ - will be very popular.


BG2Tweaks introduces new items, but they are mostly plain - a plain Scimitar +1, for example. A weapon with a story is more preferable for me. Say, a talking dagger +1, which deals two electric damage. Or a +1 halberd which has a 5% chance of casting Fear on successful hit.

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Yep, I should have undressed the Ring of Influence to the Ring of Modest Charisma Bonus, but I really intended it for romances only to meet all the CHR requirements, not to be used in combat. I've never seen its uses in BG2, to be honest, except for charming the eligible bachelors.

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Sidebar to Drew - you folks keep talking, and come to a resolution (so far I hear "no") and then let me know what you want coded in-project.


[slightly Off Topic] I now use SCS to give Jaheira Quarterstaff and Sling and then allow her to develop scimitar skills, so I need to keep my mouth shut here :) [/slightly Off Topic]


Drew - Regardless of whether the Official Version allows this, or an item tweakpack/addition mod does this later, you can do this easily in your own game.

You can definitely create items ('cause you made one for me and for this very project just a few months ago) - so the best thing temporarily to do is to simply clone the club and change it into a quarterstaff and drop it in the override, naming it X#JACLUB.itm. The code to give the Quest reward is simple, and does not require the creature to actually have the item, so the game should create the Quarterstaff item if it sees the item name:

IF ~~ SEReward1.1D
SAY @167
= @168
IF ~~ THEN DO ~AddexperienceParty(5000) GiveItemCreate("X#JACLUB",Player1,1,0,0) SetGlobal("SeniyadXP","GLOBAL",1) Shout(3) EscapeArea()~

There are two or three of these, but basicaly you are "destructively patching" BG1 NPC. Keep the item and drop it back into override any time you reinstall.


I would love a copy if you decide to do this, but don't send it to me named X#JACLUB... I don't want to accidentally mess up the project files.

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