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Imoen/Xan conversation loop


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I've come across this very irritating bug with an Imoen/Xan banter in Baldur's Gate. I'm pretty sure it is related to my installation, because I can't imagine someone wouldn't have spotted it otherwise. It's driving me nuts!


Basically what happens is, we enter into the city and get bombarded by the comments from every party member, as well as Elminister's appearence. From Imoen, I get the banter that involves forcing Xan to wear pink and changes his picture. About two seconds later she asks if he has had enough, and I can go through the normal dialogue options. I normally ask her to give him his normal clothing back, but I have tested it with making him continue to wear the pinkness. Either way yields the same result.


In either case, Imoen at that point is stuck in this loop where all she will do when you talk to her is repeat the dialogue to turn Xan pink again. Normally, I would just avoid speaking to her, but since she has an interjection she is just dying to say I end up getting the stutter bug.


So anyways, is there some way I can set Imoen in Shadowkeeper to skip this dialogue? Or even edit through Near Infinity to remove it? I don't want to kick Imoen and start a new thief from scratch but a pink Xan is out of the question. I also don't wanna mess around with my game too much without serious instructions because, well, it would suck to have to do a total reinstall.

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Yes, we are aware of it, and it is going to be fixed in the next version. Sorry!


Here's the cure: SetGlobal("IMXA2","GLOBAL",2)


Thank you so much. It was making me want to kill both of them. Or at least give Imoen something to really worry about other then Xan's fashion sense.

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Or at least give Imoen something to really worry about other then Xan's fashion sense.


:) That's odd, I never even got that dialog, even though, trust me, I've had Xan along for the ride for quite a few times. Is it romance-related (ie, only comes up if you're not romancing Xan)? :D

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I've gone all the way through from the mines to the Undercity with both Xan and Imoen in the party romancing him or not, and I've never seen it. But I am sure it is there.


I suspect this is one of those things that would benefit from trigger reordering, which means you're more likely to see it next version.

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Plus, it sounds like we need to set a timer on it so it doesn't immediately fire...


slight spoiler...




It is ok to have the pink Xan. The Pinkification is not permanent, and only extends to his portrait (I am not even sure it works as advertizd if you change xan's portrait, though I think it does...) Although for some of the ladies in thr romance, little-sister Imoen would be wise to pay another party member to drag her corpse to a temple for raising - apparently some <CHARNAME>s feel strongly about this, and back their feelings with cold steel :)


/Edit: berelinde, it is in the D:\BaldursGateTutu\BG1NPC\Phase1\DLG\X#IMOEN.D - it is (from what I see here around line 1475 - 1519) repaired in the internal version, but will be reordered anyways when you get to those dialogues :D

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You never see this dialogue, because there's another one which precedes it(the pink one doesn't trigger if this one did not), and it only triggers in Chapter 3 - I think, so if you go to Bandit Camp right away, or soon, there's no way you see either of them.


(I should add that these dialogues are in no way related to my writing, so all credit goes to Imoen's Czarina, and Domi, if she participated. Personally, I'd give Imoen a good slap - Xan's hair was just THAT horrible. :) )

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I should add that these dialogues are in no way related to my writing, so all credit goes to Imoen's Czarina, and Domi, if she participated.


What do you think? :)


No, it cannot be taken out, sorry. Guys, you are really scaring me when you are suggesting these kind of things.

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I wasn't suggesting that it be taken out. But I do need to know if it should be seen. At present, it is never even seen for many players, me included.


I'd like to see it actually come up in a game, which means looking at the triggers and seeing how to make sure it *does* come up.


I guess I should have asked:


"Are there any circumstances under which this banter should not be seen?"


As it is, this banter fails to appear in my game 100% of the time, so I'd never even notice removal. I'm not thrilled with that.

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The banter needs to occur in the BG city, for Imoen to have access to the supplies. The reason for delaying it is to make sure Imoen had a chance to observe Xan long enough before taking a shot at re-equipping him.

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OK. This gives us something to work with.


I'm guessing before NPCs could be sent to wait at inns, having Xan in the party at the beginning of Chapter 3 meant there was a really good chance he'd be in the party on entering Baldur's Gate, unless he died, in which case he wouldn't be bantering, anyway.


It is still likely that Xan will be in the party from Chapter 3 all the way through to BG, so I seen no reason to fool with that, but maybe we need to do more to make sure that both banters actually happen, because, like I said, I usually have Xan in the party the whole time from the mines to the final movie, and I've seen the first banter a total of once and the second a total of never, and there were plenty of times I didn't head straight to the bandit camp.


I'm guessing that the first banter needs to happen to establish the relationship necessary for the second. No argument there. It would make no sense without it. I see from the code that this is a random banter call banter that can only happen in one chapter: 3. That isn't a whole lot of time. There isn't any reference to bandit activity, the iron throne, or any other chapter-dependent material. They just need to be in the party together for a while. How about scripting the banter?

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Maybe just taking out the condition that the first banter must trigger first? That is, deleting Global("IMXA1","GLOBAL",1) from the second one's script should do the job.


(It is only my opinion, mind, but I think it would take Immy only a couple of minutes to figure out that, yes, Xan is definitely too morose).


I do think Xan is in character here, and, given my mild dislike for Imoen, she is, too. So I think I'd prefer this banter to be seen - though, again, it is just me.

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