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Imoen/Xan conversation loop


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OK, unless I hear massive outcry to the contrary, I'll change the first banter to be anytime after chapter 2 but include the condition that the second must not have happened yet. The first banter will remain random.


I happen to agree with Kulyok, that she wouldn't really need to spend that much time in Xan's company to figure out that he is moody. I'd like to remove the condition that the second banter requires the first.


After all, people are not installing this mod because they want their NPCs to be silent. I quite agree that they shouldn't be chatterboxes, but allowing people to see a banter or two they might otherwise miss is not likely to tip the scales.


I've figured out why I don't see these banters: I usually send Imoen on ahead when I recruit Xan. Then, I take a leisurely stroll back up to the FAI, doing the quests and clearing some maps, and then rejoin Imoen, lose J&K, pick up Ajantis, and head over to the bandit camp. Not a lot of time for that chapter 3 banter to happen.

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Kulyok has weighed in already and has said that it's OK to make the second banter not contingent on the first.


However, Domi says she wants *both* to stay random, which means that it is impossible to please both.


Taking away the condition that the first banter plays before the second will mean that Imoen will turn Xan pink every time.


Making the first banter available at any point after chapter 2 means that there is a good chance Imoen will be shopping for hair dye while the rest of the party is busy trying to evade the Flaming Fist or hobnobbing with Neb. Clearly, not ideal.


Leaving it as is will mean that it remains an easter egg.


If it were up to me, I would attemt the compromise I gave above. That would be that the second not depend on the first, that the first can't happen if the second already has, and put a condition on both that they only play before chapter 6. Once the party gets Gorion's memo, Xan's pinkedness is the least of their worries.

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