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Kit idea: Technologist


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Here is an idea for a kit:


I noticed in NI there is a proficiency type GUN... whatever was that suposed to be?


Anyways, how about a Technologist kit.


basically a combo between that tinkerer Jan and a wizard slayer.


+ magic resistance, magic damage resistance per level up to total resistance at some level x.


+ gains spell immunities by level interval.


+ causes nearby mages to lose spells, miscast magic (think Arcanum, how technology and magic interacted negatively)


-creates custom items : armor, swords, rifles. These increase in power by experience gained and items found.


- can't use any magical equipment.


- severe negative NPC reaction (a radical in a magical world).


balance: more of a ranged fighter with melee vulnearabilites. Immune to both beneficial and harmful magic.


perhaps use thief class in order to set 'landmine' traps.


Any ideas or feedback?





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It might be an interesting kit to have, and not being able to use any agical equipment would probably balance out high levels of spell immunities (depending on what they were). Firearms are present on Faerun, mostly from Lantan, so the presence of a gunsmith in Amn is not impossible.



I think the real problem will be implementing the actual firearms themselves. You may have to take the Jan route and just make them modified crossbows.

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