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Loading, then Crashing!


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I got Gavin two days go, and have just recently had LT 15. I had just finished his third quest, and was heading back to the temple when *BAM* Baldur's Gate Tutu shuts down, with one of those "An error has occured in this program. Would you like to send an error report?" messages popping up.

I restarted, tried to load up my most recent save, and, once again, this time before it even finished loading, the same thing happened. I tried it with all of my saves for that game (including quick save and auto save), with no luck.

My other games, where I don't have/haven't met Gavin load fine. I have no idea if it's my installation or what, but if anyone has advice, it'd be appreciated!

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Well, I'm certainly glad that it's not Gavin's fault! I've grown rather fond of him. ;) Now, of course, I remember reading about this when I first installed Tutu, but I had completely forgotten about it! Thanks for the link, I hope it works!

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