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Effect 0x43: Summon Creature


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#67 (0x43) Summon: Creature Summoning [67]

Parameter #1: Unknown

Parameter #2: Control


Summons a creature, with EA set to the 'Control' field.

The Resource key should be set to the filename of the creature

to summon.


Known values for 'Control' are:

0 Match target (hostile if no target)

1 Match target (hostile if no target)

2 As creature file

3 Match target (hostile if no target)

4 As creature file

5 Hostile to target

6 As creature file

8 As creature file

255 As creature file


If effect's target is set up as "Original Caster" (in my case parent spell was also targeting "Living actor"), then Parameter #2 covers not only "Control" but also "Location". I've only tested values 2, 4 and 6:


value 2 = creature is summoned at targeted creature's location

values 4 and 6 = creature is summoned at caster location

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