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Kivan will leave me!

Guest skie

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Ok, so, I have just finished hell, killed irenicus and got into the cut-scene where Ellesime praises me in front of all the elves of suldanessnar (final scene of SoA), and all of a sudden Kivan says something in the manner of "I have to go now". He leaves all his stuff on the floor and vanishes. Nowhere to be seen at the start of ToB. I tried to summon my master elf with Fate Spirit, but it just replies that Kivan is dead.


I checked the readme and it says P#KivanLove has to be 9+ to carry him over to ToB. Yet when I looked the variable up with shadowkeeper, it says 11!!! What seems to be the problem here? I have always been nice to Kivan and chosen what seemed the most romantic and loving answers.


I dont have anyone but Kivan and my main character in my party so it can't be another romance.


Help meh someone! ;)

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What's the value of KivanRomanceInactive?


Alright, checked it up... Couldn't find KivanRomanceInactive at all, just



Another weird thing. Is Bodhi supposed to abduct Kivan? For me she didn't.

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I'm not sure how, but in your game Deheriana managed to be both marked as dead *and* alive. Please, simply reset your P#DeherianaLives to 0 before getting through Ellesime's talk.


Will you be able to tell me if you corrected any variables or that happened nturally, and if Aphril told you if Deh was dead or alive ;)

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I have a theory to that...


Kivan wasn't very talkative towards meh when I had finished Underdark. I talked to Aphril in spellhold, but I dont remember what she said. I wanted to romance Kivan and I read in the readme that you have to have 3+ points before talking to Aphril to activate the romance. At this point I was sure I had not had 3 points, so I summoned Aphril with CLUAConsole and this time she said Deheriana was dead.


Ok, so Deheriana will live if I have under 3 points? That would explain it.


Great mod btw. Really makes Kivan a real person ;)

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Okay, so I guess what happened was that first Aphril told Kivan that Deheriana was alive, and on the second try - that she was dead. I'll need to change Global name on that interjection to make sure it does not trigger the second time round.


Corrected locally. ;)

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