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Pick the new default portrait


Gavin's default portrait  

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K'aeloree did a truly lovely portrait for me, and I want to use some form of this as the default portrait. I like the grey, brooding sky, but it doesn't necessarily suit our lad, so I put in a dawn background.


The original default I did, and Miloch's lovely portrait, will still be offered as alternates, as will the one not chosen here, so there will be a choice of 4.


Just to make sure that we're all seeing the same things, I'll post all 4. Pick the one you want as the default.





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Tee hee!


Well, I don't know about that one :giggle: It doesn't look terribly baldurized...


Still, if anyone feels strongly that Miloch's second submission should be included, please include those instructions in the post where it will be summarily ignored. ;)

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As much as I appreciate what Kaeloree has done with those portraits, I still voted for the original "tree" one, but perhaps I am biased from playing so much with that one. When you get used to one portrait, it can be hard to switch (unless you really really really hated the one you played with ;) Like how I really don't like Imoen's Bioware/BG2 portrait... ;) )

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I guess that's why alternates are good. This time, I'm going to remember to copy the portraits into the portraits folder as well as the override, so a player can change them midgame without having to reinstall the mod.


Edit: I'll be leaving this poll up until the time comes for the next version. As I've really got to devote my time to BG1 NPC for a while, that will be a little while. But not forever.

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Currently, I'm offering the one with the trees, Miloch's red tunic one, and another by Kaeloree.


I'll include all four of those above for BG2, because there's nothing that says you can't offer choices.


I like the new one with the dawn sky, because it looks most like BioWare (mostly because it's a composite of other BioWare portraits, but never mind), but I'll probably leave the tree one as the default. ;)

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I just SK in a pic of my own choosing that I got somewhere even though it is not Baldurized. I truly don't mean any insult but I don't care for any of these and it's probably because I came up with a different visual in my head for Gavin.

But SOA is coming? Yipee! That's the best news I've seen for awhile yaaaay!

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