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Theoretically Possible?


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I've been wondering if it is possible to do the following in the Infinity Engine for BG (Tutu) and BGII at least.


Have a list in a file with a selection of different creatures, something like the following


Otyguh = 0
Red Dragon = 0
Squirrel = 0
Deer =0
Rabbit = 0
Silver Dragon = 0
Wild Dog = 0
Wolf = 0
Worg = 0
Illithid = 0
Umber Hulk = 0


And change the 0 to 1 when the player sees that particluar creature. Then, would it be possible to have another spell check this list when deciding which version of another spell to use. I suppose you could do something with LOCALS, and just have a script running that checks to see if the particular local needs to be updated to 1.



So, for example lets say you had the mage spell Shape Change, in which the caster can turn into any creature (with a few exceptions) that he/she has seen before. This list would keep track of which creatures that NPC/PC had seen, and so when the caster casts Shape Change, the options of what to turn into are based on the list.


For example: MageA has seen a squirrel, umber Hulk, and a deer before. So when he casts Shape Change, he is given the option of turning into a squirrel, umber hulk or a deer.


Mage B has seen a wild dog, red dragon, and squirrel before. So when he casts Shape Change, he is given the option of turning into a wild dog, red dragon, or a squirrel.


I'd guess that the way this would have to be done is a different version of the spell for each combination of creatures seen and I'd probably want to generate this via Weidu rather than do them by hand since the number of combinations is going to get pretty large quickly. Of course if anyone has an alternative suggested method, I'd be interested in hearing it. Maybe something that checks the list of creatures seen and chooses which ones to make available when the Shape Change spell is cast.

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Yes it's possible, and the something along the lines of way you have outlined would work.


You could also do it via dialog, which would be simpler - however, I would then cry for 1000 years and never give to charity again.

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For the HasSeen detection part of the spell, would it be necessary to run this as a script? And which script would it be most appropriate to insert it in to ensure that it won't cause problems and won't be disabled/ignored?

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You've a choice between baldur.bcs, scripts that run only on rest, and scripts that don't run when the party ai lantern is off.


If you wanted to offer a choice of up to eleven creatures, as you have in your example, you're going to need 1,937 spells. Igi may cry for 1,000 years, but afterwards he'll realize he's the longest lived human ever and forgive you ;)

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