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Hi Guys and Gals,


I have what is probably a newbie question relating to Dialogs, etc.


Some background first. I'm working on an IWD2 that does a number of things, but first and foremost, adds in a considerable number of new items and merchants. The problem that I'm having at the moment is in the D file for my bowyer NPC.


I want to add a "DO ~AddXpVar("Level_9_Easy",strref_num)" command to award some experience. I know that a strref# goes where I've placed "strref_num", but how do I get the actual string into TLK file? I know that basics of SAY and REPLY commands and using variables linking to the actual strings in the TRA files. But I haven't seen an example of this actual action, I've looked at the WeiDU readme, but frankly it's so large that it's overwhelming for me, if I can't simply do a Find on some command or string fragment to point me in the right direction.


I want the string in question to say something simple like "You have retrieved the Bowyer's new bowstring from Carynara."


I'm just confused because I understand that this action is expecting a strref, not an actual string, and I don't know how to get the actual string loaded into the TLK file.


If there's a specific tutorial or example that can help me, please point the way. Or post the instructions I need directly. I know that I could assign the XP more directly, but this AddXpVar seems to be a more commonly used action in the IWD2 DLG files, so I thought that I'd follow the apparant convention, if possible.



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There are two ways,


DO ~AddXpVar("Level_9_Easy",~You have retrieved the Bowyer's new bowstring from Carynara~)


or DO ~AddXpVar("Level_9_Easy",@01)


@01 is defined in .tra.


When weidu compiles your .d file, your strings are added into the dialog.tlk. Basically it's same as with SAY and REPLY.

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Thanks, Razfellow and Domi.


I was wondering if a mere @x variable replacement would suffice, but I hadn't seen any examples of Actions with their strref parameters being filled with a variable like SAY and REPLY's.

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