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Racial deities and other non temple gods.

Elfen Lied

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noy sure if this is covered anywhere but is there currently or any planned contnet for the deities of say the Elves or even the Half Orcs.


it would be kinda cool to recieve the boon of Rillifane or to be the favoured one of Shar. or something like that.




also what about the unseeing eye, any plans of making it so you can convert to the cult of the eyeless?

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There is a Nightcloak of Shar already in DR, and you can even kit Viconia with it. But yeah, it would be great to see more racial deities. There've been several threads on it.






Supposedly, several of these kits have been in progress for a year or two or more. I'm not sure what the plans or target dates are for the next release, if there are any. I do know that Cam wanted to focus on more spells, which would be great, but more racial kits would be most excellent. ;)

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The Ocular Adept is something I'd thought about; most of the Disciple/Thrall of X Prestige Classes from the Book of Vile Darkness, though, aren't divine spellcasters by nature. But they'd make interesting kits for other classes.

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