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Suggestions of HTML Editors?


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I'd like to know, if you use a graphical HTML editor (i.e. not notepad or a HTML highlighter-compatible text editor, but something more like Homesite or FrontPage), what software do you use? What is so good about it that you use it over others? Why do you not like others that you have actually tried?


I'm thinking of using something better than Microsoft Word, which likes injecting lots of XML and other crap into the HTML, and I'd like some suggestions.

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Dreamweaver. It still adds a lot of cruft to pages, but much less than others. Anything made by Microsoft is something from which to flee, as the signal-to-noise ratio in the HTML quickly approaches zero.


If you're looking for something free, most text editors (including ConTEXT) have HTML/PHP/SQL highlighters that make them serviceable.

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I just use ConTEXT- there's highlighters, which are fine for me.


However, I have heard a lot of good things about Dreamweaver- it's supposed to be useable by professional's and those new to the whole HTML thing. Most of my friends use it.

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Yeah, I use Dreamweaver professionally and so has every web shop in which I've worked. If you handcode the original pages, do content with its GUI, and give the HTML an occasional look, you can keep the code really clean with it.


At my last place, we also used Macromedia's Contribute product for the various administrative assistants, profs, and sundry bureaucrats that had to maintain and update content after we (the devs) finished building the site. It's like Dreamweaver Lite that makes updating web content more like using Word. It's not generally something an end-user can use, since it requires some software to be run at the server level--i.e. you won't be able to use it with a web host, but it worked perfectly for our environment. It's not terribly popular since most web development companies make truly obscene amounts of cash on helping clients maintain sites, so giving them tools to do it easily is generally not a priority. ;)

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It sucks ass. Oh wait... no, that's FrontPage... nevermind. I'll admit, I haven't used a graphical HTML editor in ages - I do it all old school in a text editor.


If you have access to Linux, there are some pretty cool free editors. Also, check out PSPad (link in my sig) for working with the code - I believe it integrates HTMLTidy and gets rid of a lot of cruft that WYSIWYG editors seem to like to shove into your code.

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If you have access to Linux, there are some pretty cool free editors.


Ahh, Linux! Pico is my favorite text editor (and for HTML too) for *nix. I digress though, since this thread is not about text editors. So, to bring it back on topic, what happened to HotDog? It used to be popular back in the day.

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I was using ConText but switched to NetBeans, my favorite Java IDE, because not only does it have context highlighting and indentation for HTML and CSS, but you can also easily adjust indentation in and out (on lines, blocks of lines, or entire files) to suit your taste. It also formats blocks automatically when you type the final > on a closing tag.


If I was doing this for commercial purposes, I'd probably go with a commercial site builder to save time. They're likely to automate multi-browser support, which is time-consuming when coding manually.

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