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Unexpected NPC preferences


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Who'd have thunk it?


But here it is, I've read a good many of the NPC/NPC banters at one point or another, and I've had a few startling revelations.


The first was that I really like Kagain. He's just great. He can be a bit of a bastard, but what do you want? Doc?


Garrick is extremely well written. I enjoy his banter tremndously, and I like how his banters frequently involve three, four, five, or even six (!) other NPCs. He's also quite amiable.


Faldorn is just so much cooler than Jaheira. She's got her quirks, and she isn't for everyone, but she is far more than the rabid Toril-borg that takes her bond with nature far over the top in BG2. She has more actual banters than just about any other NPC.


Imoen has a surpising amount to say to Quayle. I've never actually had Quayle in my party, because I don't need an illusionist/multi with an over-inflated opinion of his own intellect. But maybe I should try it just once.


I have developed a guilty affection for Eldoth. I know he is a slime-ball. IRL, I wouldn't be able to stand being within 10 feet of him. But he's just so droll. What a wonderful villain. I love to hate him.


Safana isn't as bad as I thought. I'd like to give her a try in a game some time. I expected her to be the kind of woman other women hate, given that men find her so irresistable, but she is actually quite likable. Cool.


I wish the Garrick/Imoen relationship would have developed further. They flatter each other, and then he more or less forgets about her, and gets fixated on Skie. OK, maybe that isn't such a stretch for our flighty lad, but I would have still liked to see some chemistry there, even if it was the kind that required the building to be evacuated.

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I think for me the biggest revelation was Shar-Teel, who'd ever of thought that an essentially one dimensional character could have been developed into such a well-rounded and fun character.


The other was Eldoth's banter which forever ruined Tiax for me ... I now gag at the thought of the filthy little gnome being anywhere near my PC.



However I agree 100% with you berlinde about Garrick, Faldorn, Eldoth and I've always loved Safana (although she sadly has less content than most NPC's).

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For me, it was Branwen. Before the NPC project, I always thought her as the basic blond bimbo (paticularly as it seems half the male NPCs take the time to point out how wonderful she is)- I always took Yeslick as my cleric, or dragged around Jaheria, or just played a cleric myself. But... the writing on her was wonderful. She's actually become my favorite romance- and not just favorite BG romance, but favorite romance out of all the BG, BGII, and NWN modules I've played. I actually eagerly play a male character for it. The romance is a good match of vulerability and strength, and I really love it. /babble


Tiax. Yes, he's a one-note joke. I love him anyway.


Eldoth and Skie- ack! I would have loved an Eldoth romance, really (he'd be good for BGII, now that I'm thinking about), but watching him manipulate poor Skie is pretty good, too. He's a slimeball, and I sort of love to hate him. As for Skie- I just want to protect the poor girl. She managed to inspire 'elder sister' feelings in me that Imoen never did.


Monty! I always was a Xzar fan when it came to the Zhent two, but... wow. He's evil, no question about it. And yet the writing and voice used for him was just so appealing that it didn't really matter to me. Heh.

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What, Branwen? That's nice to hear. :)


I know I liked Hendryk's writing a lot; also, it's been said more than once, but Faldorn is cool. Dyna's romance is wonderful. Tiax is absolutely and easily my favourite - I regret my one-weekend attempt was probably not even half as funny.


I think the best revelations came when I didn't expect anything. I sort of wish every NPC was as chatty as Kivan, though. :love:

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I regret to say that usually in a game when I find a winning combo, I use that every time I play said game. As such, I played through BG2 about four times as a fighter with Anomen, Yasraena, Kivan, Aerie and Immy (Though, I did always dump Anomen for Deheriana).


I know, I know, I need to get out of that mental rut (I'm banging my head on the desk 10 times a day to get out of it :love: ), but I have an excuse in that I haven't made it past Amkethran the past 7 times I've played (it's always some problem :)).


But, I promise that next time I play BG1, I'll try out a radically new party (but only as a good character ???)!


I wish the Garrick/Imoen relationship would have developed further. They flatter each other, and then he more or less forgets about her, and gets fixated on Skie. OK, maybe that isn't such a stretch for our flighty lad, but I would have still liked to see some chemistry there, even if it was the kind that required the building to be evacuated.


That kind of building evacuation would be the kind that's *really* fun to watch! I actually expected something when Garrick said "Erm... You really think I'm... cute?"

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I've only tried out the following NPCs so far:


Kivan :love:

Ajantis (non-romance, will fix this in different playthrough) ???

Xan (non-romance; almost finished with a romance run) :D

Imoen (always liked her, now I like her more) :)

Khalid (I'm impressed, and really wishing he'd been in BG2 now) :)

Jaheira (same reaction to her as to Imoen) :uu:

Branwen (learning more about her via romance is the reason I'm going to try playing as a male PC for the first time) :D


At this point, probably the one reaction I didn't expect was the one I got for the short time I had Xzar in my group. After seeing his jelly drop banter with Imoen and engaging in a conversation that ended up with my PC promising cookies for dinner, I knew that I'll *have* to do a full run with him along (very unusual for me since I normally don't use the evil NPCs) :D

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Guest AnonaMouse!

I have just barely started tutu with this mod installed, and I have already made an opinion- I hate, hate, hate this Imoen. I'd rather have Noober in my party. But why do I keep her? She's the only good-alligned thief this early in the game.


I always liked the original Imoen (BG, not BG2, ew). She was cute, didn't talk too much, but was always a good and faithful backup character. The additional banter introduced in this mod is absurdly annoying. Now she has to talk to EVERYTHING and their albino Welsh Corgi. She is more spunky and bitchy... and I just hate that. She isn't the leader of the party, she isn't allowed to bug the people I'm negotiating with. I try being as mean as possible, and she just won't shut up. How do I make her shut up?


That said, I'm really looking forward to Coran. I was a big fan of him before this mod, so from what I hear, he should be even better.

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She will gradually talk less and less as the game progresses ad her excitement settles. Alternatively, if you don't want any NPC to comment on the game events at all, uninstall the Phase II portion of the project that deals with scenery things.

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You could also install the component that moves Alora to Gullykin and head straight there. You'd still have to keep the pink obsessed princess for a little while, but at least you wouldn't have to keep her until Cloakwood.


Oh and you'd have Alora to keep you amused ... happy, happy, joy, joy!

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erm... actually, Phase1 and Phase2 are all part of the same package in v12 all versions, so the best solution is to drop her off someplace and pick up someone else... or use Nythrun's Beta NPC Changing Mod to dual class or change another NPC into a thief. There are some NPC Thieves out there; but if you really want control over your thief character and need a good thief then replace Imoen at the start of your game with a custom NPC.


Start the game in Multiplayer mode, and create your main character and a "replacement Imoen" character. I started Tutu years ago playing a Paladin who had a Cleric buddy. Then move the game into the SP mode and play on with both you and your choice of unseparable buddy.

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Guest Guest

In truth, I only want a quieter Imoen, but a whole different character could be fun. I am fully aware of how to create an extra character, but I find that really takes away from the Baldur's Gate experience (Icewind Dale is what custom characters are made for). So I might just take Alora, heh.


...I seem to be appreciating Jaheira and Dynaheir a lot more. :)

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