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is this romance on track?

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I'm wondering if something's gone awry here or whether Kivan is just naturally... reserved ;)


We're in the Underdark. P#kivanromanceactive is 1, P#kivanlove is 17, P#deherianadead is 1. I have Xan in my group, but on friendship track.


Kivan's bantering with PC and NPC's but there don't seem be any flirts going on. Initiating a talk shows the same talks that were there from the beginning (i.e. asking him to say something in elvish). There were a few talks where the music played but didn't seem particularly romantic (one was in response to first meeting Solaufein).


Shouldn't we be at least holding hands by now? ;) (I skipped the underwater city, because I don't like it).

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If you are in Chapter 6,

P#KivanMatch is 1,

P#KivanOffence is < 10

P#KivanRomanceInactive and P#DisableKivanFlirts is 0, flirts should show up at some point. I can't remember off hand now, but perhaps the timer for it is set in a particular conversation to imitate 'Kivan has to have time to grieve over Deheriana and put his life back together)


Try setting P#KivanFlirtTimer Global to 1 and see if the flirts appear.


You'll definetly get the flirting in ToB ;)

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