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Vellin Dahn

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I did a skim of the forum to see if this is documented, but didn't see anything...my apologies if it's already here.


Near the end of the Bridge district murders quest, the party's attacked by 2 Ghasts and a Rune Assassin. Everything I've read says that Vellin Dahn (wizard that teleports out just before the attack) is supposed to summon a second Rune Assassin just before he teleports. Out of the myriad times I've been through this quest, Dahn's only successfully summoned that Assassin twice. Possible script bug?

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IIRC, it's based on difficulty or party level or something. There's also a bone golem that can show up.


It's probably party level, then. My difficulty sits on normal and isn't touched. ;) I've never seen the bone golem there before. Interesting.

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